• table runner patterns free to sew! Great collection. Can't wait to start on the 10 minute one!
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    25 Table Runner Patterns

    24+ Table Runner Patterns The table runner is a great place to learn a few quilt and sewing techniques. The size of the runner isn’t large, so you aren’t committed to a monster of a quilt and get stuck with the unfinished project because you loose interest or are overwhelmed by the technique. Most of these tutorials are fairly simple…

  • Pin Cushion

    Vintage Embroidery Pin Cushion Pattern

    At some point along the way in my growing up years I was given a purple velvet and small squared needle point or embroidered pin cushion.  I was told it was my great grandma Price’s.  That she had made some for the grandkids and I was one of the lucky recipients. This pin cushion has always been with me since.…

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    Vintage Hankies Baby Quilt Pattern

    For a while I was a big vintage hankie and fabric collector. I love, love that kind of stuff! I have more than enough and don’t pick up as much as I used to, but they are still fun to search for during the summer at yard sales. At one point I had made this, but not sure that I…

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    Quilt Books You Should Buy

    After hitting quilt market, I ran into a few new books and notions that I am totally excited to use, read and sew with.  Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.  Now is the perfect time to get them and they are just hitting the market and stores. To help you out– just in case you are…

  • handmade lotion bar with essential oils
    Essential Oils

    How to Make Lotion Bars

    My hands are dry. During the winter they are terrible. I don’t really notice until I am working on some hand stitching and then spot them. They are a wreck! They snag on everything. They snag on the thread, yarn, fabric. They are static. They cling to everything!!! In the past I’ve made soap. I went on a big soap…

  • Crochet

    How to Read a Crochet Grid

    If you are just beginning crochet– the charts and patterns can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.  I really love using crochet patterns that show it in a diagram or crochet grid style.  They are easy to read once you understand a few of the terms. I find that I might have to read and reread a few of the…

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    Microwave Bowl Potholder

    Sew up a microwave bowl potholder with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Use the quilt as you go technique. Great for saving fingers on hot bowls! Are you one of the types that tosses a bowl in the microwave and when it bings- you quickly grab it and then howl because it’s hot! I mean, how does that bowl get…

  • 50 plus scarf and mittens tutorials | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
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    Warm Mittens and Scarfs Tutorials

    I thought that since winter is here and things are getting a bit on the chilly side I would dig around the web and find some tutorials for Mittens and Scarfs!  There are a lot out there to choose from– these are some of my favorites. Warm Mittens and Scarf Tutorials: Make it from Scratch~ set A Lemon Squeezy Home~…

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    Crochet Coffee Cozy

    It’s still chilly around here and my all time favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the couch with a quilt (of course) and a hot cup of tea or hot cocoa. I’m a big fan of all that. What I’m not a big fan of?…the cup cooling off way earlier than I was planning on. No one likes…