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    Quilting Year in Review Printable

    It’s been a crazy year around here. Lot’s of things going on…learning, reading, testing, new techniques, etc.  And, I’m only talking about sewing and quilting! I thought it would be fun to kind of put together a little end of the year review for what I’ve learned, tried, given and made to keep. I mean, there are little year in…

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    Quilt As You Go Hints & Tips

    Learn the quilt as you go technique a little quicker with these hints and tips. Starting off can be tricky, these will help you get it right. Sometimes having a little bit of a reminder on a technique is good. Today we will hit up the Quilt as you Go technique and a few things that will help learning it a…

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    Christmas Sewing Projects & Tutorials

    It’s getting a little close to Christmas, but I thought I’d share anyways.  You never know when you have a few moments to spare in the sewing room (or maybe you shut the door and lock yourself inside to have some quiet sewing time before the hustle and bustle hit). Here are a few Christmas sewing projects you can make for…

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    How to Make a Table Runner (30 minutes or less)

    Spend the next 30 minutes reading and then sewing How to make a Table Runner. It won’t take long and you’ll be ready for company quick! Today, let’s hit how to make a table runner …… with pointed ends and in 30 minutes or less. There are sometimes more important things to do.  Like decorate for the holidays.  Like put…

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    25+ Cute Fabric Gift Bags You Can Sew

    There are always a plethora of ideas when it comes to presents–  usually.  Gift bags…they are a different story! Sometimes it’s just fun to do something different and outside of ‘the box’.  Sometimes it’s just fun to sew a gift bag– and then reuse it another year! This year, how about making cute fabric gift bags you can sew! 25+…

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    Christmas Embroidery Pillow Cover

    Last week I stitched up the four little Christmas embroidery designs. After staring at them on the table for a couple of days, I was reminded of a super cute little pillow I had seen in a store with a wrapped embroidery cover– like a little sleeve. These little sleeves are quick to make and great for showcasing any seasonal…

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    18 Free Christmas Embroidery Designs – Print and Stitch

    As I mentioned before when I shared this free Christmas Embroidery Design— I love to spend the evenings during the holidays stitching embroidery.  There is something about stitching while watching  a few christmas shows, the tree all glowing with lights. And, just because the holidays are quickly approaching, it doesn’t mean we still can’t be working on something Christmas like.…

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    Young Living Oil Breakdown

    Since joining the Young Living Oil family I have become more and more interested in what each oil does.  There are quite a few of them to pick from.  The starter kit has a great selection to get you going…and to tell you the diffuser is my favorite seriously is an understatement. To help you out– just in case you…