• easy fabric napkins tutorial | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #freepattern

    Quick and Simple Fabric Napkin Tutorial

    Go green with this quick and simple fabric napkin tutorial. Great for holidays, or any time of the year. In my house we go through quite a bit of napkins.  There is always something or someone to wipe.  After looking around for a bit and finding that really I have more than enough fabric to make a napkin for everyone…

  • sewing

    Self Binding Napkin Tutorial

    Sewing your own napkins can be fun and a great little house warming present or just for fun in your own home. Great for a green living too.  Since these napkins are double sided they are a little heavier and can wear longer through more washings. Pick fabric that is complimentary to each other.  Because the back comes to the…

  • measuring tape closure how to | patchworkposse #easysewingproject
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    How to Use Measuring Tape for Snappy Pouches

    A snappy pouch is so handy!  I love how it keeps things inside and doesn’t add a lot of weight. They are kind of fun to play with– the snappy action.  These are great for making coin purses, card purses, wristlets and great for kids wallets! There are a few things to know about using a measuring tape and getting…

  • Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt
    Pillows,  sewing

    Snowman Pillow Tutorial

    I am a super big fan of blue.  I believe I got that love of blue from my mother.  It was and still is her go-to color.  If you look into my fabric stash, this is the color that I have the most of.  I have a hard time not putting it into a project.  For this snowman pillow, I…

  • mug rug tutorial
    quilting,  Round Ups

    Quilt As You Go Holiday Mug Rugs

    Learn the quilt as you go method while sewing super cute holiday mug rugs. Template included and free pattern. I love myself a cup of hot cocoa. Most of the time it is accompanied with a little dipping snack too. I am not one to get all fancy with place settings, but I do love to use a mug rug,…

  • elf on the shelf patchwork bag tutorial | patchworkposse #christmas #elfontheshelf
    Bags,  Dolls & Plushies

    Elf on the Shelf Patchwork Bag Tutorial

    Now that we have our elf on the shelf dolls and accessories all made, let’s get them something to be stored in. This bag would be great to use for storage when not in use, or arriving or departing in…or traveling if you bring them along to your own adventures. Along with the bag there is a little label.  You…

  • elf on the shelf apron and skirt | patchwork posse | #elfontheshelf #christmas
    Dolls & Plushies

    Elf on the Shelf Accessories Tutorials

    After making the elf on the shelf dolls….we are ready to start with the accessories!  What’s an elf without a hat…and a girl without her skirt. And then there is the apron. I know a few of the elves like to experiment in the kitchen and of course this would mean that they need an apron. These dolls are 12″…

  • elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas
    Dolls & Plushies

    Free Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

    Today we begin the fun of sewing our Elf on the Shelf dolls!  The accessories will be coming tomorrow…today we will be focusing on the dolls themselves. There is a boy and a girl– both hair styles are included in the templates, so you can have a choice. These elves are 12″ tall.  They have pose-able arms and legs which…