• quilting in color | patchworkposse #quilting101
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    Quilting in Color

    When it comes to hand quilting or embroidery work on quilts a lot of us tend to revert back to the traditional color of— white. I am not a big hand quilter {unless it is small and stitchable within like a few hours} but I do like color and appreciate it when others step out of the traditional box and…

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    Braided Key Ring Tutorial

    Hunting for my keys is my least favorite thing to do.  They can never be found when I need them, or are at the bottom of the bag, purse or hiding in a pocket.  This easy braided ribbon key ring is just what I needed. There is a place to slip your hand in to make it ‘hands free’, and…

  • 30+ easy quilt block tutorials | patchwork posse
    Quilt Blocks,  Round Ups

    30+ Easy Quilt Block Tutorials

    Over 50 easy quilt block tutorials for you to sew. Pick from the list, follow the tutorials. Great for inspiration or beginner sewers! I’m a big fan of quilt blocks.  I love trying new things and exploring new techniques with something around 15″ or smaller.  They are quick and usually easy and a great way to get your sewing feet…

  • Sew a leash using scrap ribbon and fabric | dog leash tutorial #pets

    Ribbon Dog Leash Tutorial

    Sew a simple ribbon dog leash with a clip on one end and handle on the other. The patchwork leash is embellished with a ribbon- great for scraps and it’s Super cute! Taking my dog for a walk is one of my favorite things to do.   They love the outdoors and exploring everywhere.   A leash is a must…

  • Disappearing 9 patch- Double Patch Quilt Block Tutorial | patchworkposse

    Disappearing 9 Patch With A Double Twist Tutorial

    Learn how to make the disappearing 9 patch with a little extra fun twist. This is such a crazy disappearing quilt block.  Didn’t think it could be done any differently than the previous blocks. The regular disappearing 9 Patch and the disappearing 9 patch- Criss Cross. You will be following the same rules as the original disappearing 9 patch.  Watch…

  • 18 quilt as you go bag & pouch tutorials | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials
    Bags,  Round Ups

    15+ Quilt As You Go Bags & Pouches Tutorial

    Learn the quilt as you go method while sewing with 15+ super cute bags and pouches tutorial! The quilt as you go method has stolen my heart….and my time!   I love how quick it is and how finished it makes the projects you are sewing up. This time I thought that having a quick reference place for bags and…

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    Fruit Slices Free Quilt Tutorial

    Sew a quilt using the disappearing pinwheel quilt block. Fruit Slices is the quilt name. Super quick and easy! Lap size. Today we are going to have some fun with Blend Fabrics.   Taking a hint from the fabric– being it kitchen themed and all, and loving the look of the disappearing pinwheel quilt block, they were put together for this…

  • tee pee quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
    Quilt Blocks

    Teepee Quilt Block Tutorial

    This is such a fun block….great for using your funky and fun fabric.  Mix them up.  Don’t worry about color matching or style or design.  Anything goes with this. Pull out your crazy fabric.  Yeah the ones you have been collecting because they were weird and fun, but had no place to go.  Like the fire fabric.  Conversations prints, spaceships,…