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    Star Quilts – Free Patterns & Tutotials

    Stars are really a basic for quilting.  Star Quilts are a great start for learning how to get those points right the first time– can be tricky!  and putting them together in a quilt top is a lot of fun. Depending on the star quilt block you start with the layout is endless!  Go for simple, or complicated.  Use paper…

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    Snappy Pouch Tutorial

    These snappy bags are a lot of fun….the top stays shut because of the measuring tape.  It’s almost magical! I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile now and finally got around to it.  For this one, I used orphan quilt blocks. Supplies for Sewing: measuring tape– one you can cut up! scissors- yucky scissors that can cut metal 2…

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    Echo Machine Quilting- How to

    Machine quilting can be a challenge.  Especially if you are using your standard sewing machine.  I used mine for years for all machine quilting projects before I got the ‘screaming banche’. Sometimes, a simple echo quilting is needed though.  Nothing fancy. Just some straight lines. Echo quilting comes in handy when you are wanting a modern look.  Clean lines.  It…

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    The Best Irons for Quilters

    The iron is a touchy topic.  There are some brands that are loved, hated, put up with, drip…you name it.  They can give you a lot of grief….or happiness. Some brands work for you while others that were suggested by friends that totally love them don’t!  It is a frustration that’s for sure. Today I thought I would share my experience…

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    Homemade Spray Starch

    Learn how to make your own copy cat best press spray starch. Recipe and instructions included. This is the best copy cat recipe ever!  As far as for quilters go.  I have been using this recipe and my spray for over a year and I love it!  It works great. The recipe make a lot of spray starch.   Out…

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    10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages

    After blogging for a long time….. first post is back in March 2008.  Yeah…it’s been awhile!    But in that time I have been following some pretty awesome stitchers and quilters. The online world is a great place with so many ways you can connect with designers, sewers..etc.  Whether they be big wigs in the business or small potatoes, it’s…

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    12 Shark Projects to Sew

    I thought it would be kind of fun to find some fishy projects to go along with Shark Week.  It’s not really a normal topic of quilts, but they are still cute and fun. It’s fun to let loose and do something a little out of the box.  Plus, they would make great kid presents, don’t you think? Or maybe…