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    Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorial

    The pineapple quilt block is very similar to the log cabin quilt block.  The only difference being that the corners are cut off. It is kind of a traditional quilt block and one that if you use contrast between the rows it can be very striking. Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorial Materials Needed: fabric strips 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ center…

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    Fabric Bundle Wraps- Printable

    Fabric can be such a mess!  You cut off your selvages…..now you have no idea what the fabric line is.  You cut the larger piece into a smaller piece…now you have no idea what size you really have now.  There is a monster pile of pieces of fabric….who knows what you really have?! Today, we are going to learn together…

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    How to Make Prairie Points

    Learn how to make prairie points for your sewing projects. Quick and simple and a great addition to any project! I love prairie points.  They are a great way to add a little bit of fun and interest to a plain sewing project. They can be made with one fabric, or they can be make with a bunch of different…

  • ironing and pressing. pros and cons of both
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    Ironing and Pressing- when and why

    Ironing and quilting can be confusing sometimes.  When do I iron?  Do I use steam or no steam?  Ironing is important to do before starting the quilting process. It will help to get all those ugly creases and wrinkles out. There is a specific way to iron the fabric, and certain things to know when using steam and not using…

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    Quilt Blocks

    Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial

    There are some quilt blocks out there that are the ‘standard’ when it comes to quilts.  The log cabin quilt block is one of them. It’s very sewer friendly, with just strips of fabric.  The fun begins when you start playing with color. Starting with the center of the block with a simple square, the rest of the quilt block…