• alphabet applique printable | patchwork posse #applique #quilting

    Alphabet Applique Templates Printable

    The alphabet can be a funny thing when it comes to applique. What works?  That one is too thin in places, to fat, not what I was looking for….so my solution was to come up with a few fonts that would work for applique. I have put together a quick printable that has both the capital letters and the numbers.…

  • how to use your rotary cutter- tutorial | Patchwork Posse #quilting #sewing
    quilting,  Quilting 101

    How to Use Your Rotary Cutter

    There are times when I get a bit nervous in the quilting– it doesn’t happen very often, but when it comes to the rotary cutter, I get a little bit nervous. There is a blade, people.  A very sharp blade.  One that has a sleeve to protect it, but when you are cutting…it’s out there.  Sharp edge and all. Let’s…

  • Hexagon flower quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #hexagon
    Hexagon,  quilting

    Spring Flowers a Hexagon Quilt

    This month the weather is finally getting a little bit warmer around here.  Reminds me that Spring is here and Summer will be soon arriving. For the little fat quarter quilt, being inspired by the little flowers finally starting to show themselves, I decided to go with hexagon flowers. Finished size is 18″ X 20″ just right for a full…

  • Rail Fence Quilt Block Tutorial | patchwork posse #quiltblock #tutorial #freepattern
    Quilt Blocks

    Rail Fence Quilt Block Tutorial

    Quilting and quilt blocks can become kind of intimidating.  They can have so many parts, and compicated seams and shapes…… it is nice to have a quilt block that you can whip up in 15 minutes. The Rail Fence Quilt block is one of them.  It consists of fabric strips.  They are simply sewn together and then turned, repeating the…

  • quilting tools and supplies | patchwork posse #beginnersewer #quilting101
    quilting,  Quilting 101

    Basic Quilting Tools and Supplies

    There are a lot of products out there for quilting and sewing.  The isles at the stores are filled with fun supplies and must have’s.  Over time you will find that there are a few basic quilting tools that you use- all the time. They are your go-to tool.  You take them with you when you go on sewing dates,…

  • fabric bins and buckets tutorial round up | patchwork posse #fabricbins #easysewingprojects
    Round Ups,  sewing

    50 + Fabric Baskets and Bins Tutorials

    I love new sewing room ideas.  One of them is fabric baskets and bins. There are a few things that you can never really make enough of– fabric bins or baskets is one of them.  I have them holding fabric, scraps, sewing projects, pencils, little bits….you name it, it can store it. While being organized is a big plus, the…

  • double irish chain quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse #quiltblock #tutorial #freepattern
    Quilt Blocks

    Double Irish Chain Quilt Block

    The Double Irish Chain Quilt Block is a bit trickier than the irish chain.  It throws you for a loop with a bunch more squares and special placement of 4 squares within it. Once you get it down though, the sewing can move along quickly, and the end result is fantastic and sometimes stunning! Materials needed: 50— 2 1/2″ X…