• Cleaning your rotary cutting mat | patchworkposse.com

    How to Clean Fuzzy off of your Rotary Cutting Mat

    When you are in the groove of sewing and just cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing….you will find that all of a sudden your rotary cutting mat is full of lint!  This happens all the time to me.  I speed up the process a lot becuase I am constantly cutting batting, felt, or fleece on my mat too. Does your rotary cutter…

  • how to machine applique hexagons / patchworkposse.com
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    How to Machine Applique Hexagons

    In a few of the last projects I have decided to jump past the hand stitching bit and go right to the sewing machine for a quick applique.  I am not one of much patience, so this was a great way to quickly finish a project. Sometimes I feel that because I don’t like to do things by hand that…

  • Zipper Pouch Tutorial for your Change | patchworkposse.com
    UFO Quilt Block

    Zipper Change Pouch Tutorial

    Because of the giveaway going on {hurry and sign up!} and the fact that I am constantly digging around in my purse for change…. a little zipper pouch is the perfect place to keep all those coins!  The handle helps my fingers find this mostly heavy little bag lingering at the bottom in a hidden spot and pull it out.…

  • Over 30 easy sewing projects for Halloween including, bags, applique and quilts | patchworkposse.com
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    30+ Easy Sewing Projects for Halloween

    Halloween is quickly approaching- the kids haven’t decided what they are going to be yet! We are such procrastinators around here!  I figure that you are ahead of me and already have that all planned out, so I put together some extra easy sewing projects just for Halloween….because you have time to sew them up. There is a mix of…

  • How to hang a quilt with a sleeve- tutorial | patchworkposse.com

    Sewing a Quilt Sleeve Tutorial

    Hanging a quilt sometimes is a bit tricky.  Today, let’s tackle the mystery of how to hang a quilt, because after you spent all that time sewing it, you want to show it off! There are a few different way to hang your quilts- whether they are big or small.  You can use a curtain rod with little pinchers, a…

  • bias hem tape maker tutorial. Make your own hem or binding / patchworkposse.com
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    How To Use A Bias Tape Maker

    Using a hem tape maker or bias tape can be super tricky sometimes.  I find that my fabric gets stuck, twisted…and over all it’s a big failure.  I have picked up a few things that might be helpful in your journey with bias tape producers. These little metal contraptions can save you a lot of money in the long run…and…

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    Keep Busy During Shutdown | 9 Days 9 Projects

    With there being a little bit of a problem with the Government right now, today’s post is more of a tongue and cheek at what is happening with current affairs. Heather and I were  chatting  joking about what we should be doing with all of our free time now that the US government is in shutdown mode. Keep busy during the…