• how to make a cinch sack tutorial / patchwork posse

    Switching up a Cinch Bag to Backpack

    A Cinch Sack is one of the best things invented!  You can adjust the size from tiny to travel laundry bag for stinky socks to backpack to mega presents for Christmas bag.  It is endless the possibilities with this simple bag. Not only that,  you can show off super cute fabric, mix and match with quilt blocks, use ribbon, rope…

  • How to sew applique with a satin stitch / patchworkposse.com #applique

    How to Sew a Satin Stitch

    This week I have been working on a little project that required me to sew a ton of zig zags or Satin Stitch.  Even though I am sure that most of you know how to sew a satin stitch, going over it can’t hurt. I use the satin stitch for applique when I am not doing the raw edge applique…

  • button hole easy embroidery stitch

    Basic Embroidery Stitches – Buttonhole

    There are a few basic embroidery stitches out there- and the buttonhole is one of them!  It is kind of like a go-to stitch too for me. I would say that it is an easy stitch, but getting it started sometimes is tricky for me.  Once I get it going though….there is no stopping! This stitch is one that I…

  • sewing studio
    sewing studio

    My Sewing Studio Tour

    When Heather asked if I would share my sewing space I for sure hopped onto that wagon! I mean, who doesn’t love to show off their creative space?  Mine has been a journey- from digging all the carpet out, to redoing the ceiling, painting walls, adding plugs {ok, fine- the honey did most of that} I love my space. Ready…