• vintage magazine rack to doll bed and trundle tutorial #upcycle #diy / patchwork posse
    Dolls & Plushies

    Upcycled Magazine Rack to Doll Bed

    During the summer we hit yard sales.  Usually the kiddos tag along to look for their own treasures…like legos, dolls, clothes..ect.  I am a big fan of yard sales…and most of the house and clothes and fabric, and sewing notions are from Yard Sales.  I have become a little more ‘picky’ with what I buy and really make sure I…

  • How to chain stitch tutorial / patchwork posse #embroidery #tutorial

    Embroidery Stitches Chain Stitch Tutorial

    Embroidery Stitches can be either simple or hard.  The chain stitch is one of those basic stitches that you can use on whatever embroidery  project you might have going.   Kind of like one of the go-to stitch patterns, the chain stitch is a great one for beginners to start with. The finished design of the chain stitch is kind…

  • summer day camp bleach tie dye shirt

    Summer Day Camp Bleach Tie-Dye Shirts

    Hello followers of the Summer Day Camp Series on The Craft Nest.  I am totally excited to be sharing along with others on things to do for Summer Day Camp!  I mean, who doesn’t have  a few howling kids hanging around them begging for things to do?  We are hitting the time when the excitement from being out of school…

  • how to add applique to your skirt
    applique,  Clothes

    How to Applique – Elastic Waist Skirt

    Learn how to us iron on appliques on your clothing.  Super easy to add a bit of pizzazz to your clothes! The last couple of weeks I have focused on the elastic waist skirt– and you learned my hem tape hem trick and a super easy skirt tutorial {used for my 9 year old}, and then again with a patchwork…

  • quilt borders what is a stop border / patchwork posse

    Quilt Borders- What is a stop border?

    So are quilt borders called a “stop border”? The easy answer- It’s a simple border the divides one space to another on the quilt.  It can surround a whole center, a block or happen just before all of the other quilt borders that you might be sewing on. Since I am kind of visual gal, I have come up with…