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    A Little Bit of Oliso Sunshine

    Today is the first day of Spring and I thought it would be the best time to talk about my new obsession…ironing… Which is now called my little bit of sunshine. Why, because it’s yellow of course. The ray of sunshine that was just beaming from the box! The honey bought me an iron a few years back– you know…

  • sewing studio
    sewing studio

    Spring Cleaning the Sewing Studio

    I decided last week that I would focus on digging out the piles of Winter that were stacked in the sewing cottage.  During the winter I hauled things into the house….then hauled it back out.  I didn't put it back though so I opened the door and this is what I was greeted with: What a disasiser! Who did this?!…

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    Start Here !

    THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MAY HAVE BEEN MOVED…..USE THE SEARCH OR LOOK BELOW FOR INFORMATION AND INSPIRATION Hi, I’m Becky, owner and designer for Patchwork Posse, a quilting blog and online quilt guild.  I have 4 busy kids and a general contractor husband. I am a stitcher who thinks outside of the box and make my own rules. Quilting is…

  • staple your wool applique

    Stapling Wool Applique

    I was at quilt group last week and we had a little make and take wool applique project. She handed out little kits with all the pieces- {we cut out the shapes}.  This was for a glass case.  Not sure if I am going to make that, or use it as a needle keeper….or what. The stitching is done, but…