• rococo gardens quilt tutorial free pattern

    Free Sewing Patterns

    Just thought I'd share a few links to help you find some wonderful Free Sewing Patterns. Over here on my quilting blog – www.patchworkposse.com/blog/blog/blog  I have a great collection of my own Free Sewing Patterns and Free Patchwork quilt pattern  Rococo Gardens Along with these links, there are some other quilting blogs where you can find some fantastic Free Sewing…

  • Posie Flower Pin Tutorial | patchwork posse #needles #pins #quilt
    Pin Cushion

    Posie Pins Tutorial and Swap

    Looking around the internet there are a lot of cute pins out there.  I came up with a little flower pin topper– a posie flower.   Made with fabric scraps and a few quick stitches and you will in no time have a whole bundle of them!  Whether or not they are useful, who cares….. they are cute standing there…

  • Dolls & Plushies

    Velvet Couches and Pillow Case Dolls

    To start off let me show off what I came home with the other night— Oh yeah.  a velvet blue striped couch….one with a bit of wood character to satisfy the honey and one with spunk to satisfy me.  After a good washing and waxing this sweet little gal will be taken to the new home!   Still working on it–…

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    The First Quilted Quilt of the Year

    Sadly enough it isn't mine– but I'll still count it. ok? Getting that darn table into place was the biggest pain! No instructions. Going off of memory that is 4 months old on how it really was. After that though……good to get something quilted.  A few hickups, but nothing worth crying over. Take a look: A few Close Ups~ This…