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    Bobbin Tamers

    The drawers in the Sewing Cottage sometimes get a little out of control.  There is string everywhere! They get all tangled up and then when you pull one bobbin out it somehow entangles itself to the rest of the bobbins…and then…. you know the rest of the story. So, this is where the Bobbin Tamers come in. Bobbin Tamers They…

  • Make kitchki pincushions -a tutorial / patchworkposse.com #pincushions #tutorial #kitchki
    Pin Cushion

    Kitchki Pin Cushions {tutorial on making your own}

    I saw the cutest small porcelein, kitchki -is that what those type of things called?, vintage pin cushions…… at a boutique recently and thought—those are sooo cute! I really wanted one, but missed my chance to buy one and so here goes – Make it yourself! You first need to shop the Thrift stores-  or maybe your grandmas house or where ever you can…

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    Vinyl Notebook Cover Tutorial

    I have been working on some extra little presents here and there and thought i would tell you all about the vinyl notebook cover!  They turn out cute and are sort of cheap and really don’t take much time to make. Perfect for a quick and useful/reusable present all year long. First lets talk vinyl. I got mine at Joannes. …