whoooo -said in a most owl like manner

whoooo -said in a most owl like manner

This quilt has made it home!  After being shown off in a collection of ABC quilts.  {more info here}

I saw the collection in Springville, HMQS, and  at Quilt Fest {utah quilt guilds festival} and I think it when a few other places.

So, after all this traveling it is home now– to be enjoyed around here.


I am thinking i might make it into a tutorial– any agreements with that? you want one?

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  1. I think it would make a nice baby quilt. Add some more background blocks and make the branch longer and it would be a nice size.

  2. posse boss

    14 February

    you are so smart robin! i might just have to give that a tweak. thanks for the idea.

  3. Jen

    14 February

    Oooo! It’s adorable!

  4. Pamela Graham

    15 February

    Yes Yes Yes!!!! How beautiful!!! Pamie G.

  5. Amber

    15 February

    yes please, a tutorial would be great!

  6. Angie O

    15 February

    Don’t ya think it should hang at my house. It does have my initial on it…. ;p
    It is a cute quilt. See ya at guild!

  7. madebyNiki

    16 February

    That is beautiful, yes I would like to see a tutorial. I think I would frame that and put it on my wall, its so nice!

  8. Karen Lange

    16 February

    This is such an adorable piece and I’d love to see a tutorial. I’ve always loved owls and am lucky to see (and hear) owls when they visit our backyard. My grand-daughter loves them also and I’m sure she’d welcome an owl wall-hanging for her room.



  9. posse boss

    16 February

    haha! that is funny! maybe you can borrow it for a bit. 🙂

  10. Jane Bitz

    17 February

    Yes, please do a tutorial. Love owls and love this little quilt.

  11. posse boss

    25 August

    it is on the sidebar!! enjoy. 🙂

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