What’s Up For Patchwork Posse in 2013?

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I have been busy lately– planning, drawing, sewing, chatting…  does that happen to you near the end of the year? It's almost like the nesting instinct you have when you are ready to have a baby. lol

I have been painting furniture, beds, walls and moving the girls into their very own room.  This is a big step for them! They have been oh so patient with their current bedroom {sharing with the boys} and are ready to have their own space.  Progress on the whole house has been slow this year…..but the priority has been the girls for the last little bit.   

I have been thinking a lot about Patchwork Posse the last few months.  I have been excited for the followers I have had and the growth that has happened this last part of the year.  Without all of your support and continued visits, comments and inspiration I would be lost.  Thanks for hanging out with me and letting me sometimes share more than I should. lol 

I have decided that this next year I will be .  Because you are really a major part of what happens around here, I thought that i'd share what is going to be happening.  

I have begun taking some steps to better things around here and it really is perfect timing.

Along with the household being moved around, you can see that I have been 'moving furniture' around here.  I will continue to 'fine tune' things and then, the plan is to keep it!  I know….that will probably be the hardest goal that I can have.   I love to work behind the scenes, but have found myself totally drawn into a time suck.  So, once I get it, i will keep it that way.  {i am thinking this will help you not be so lost and when you return think that some one new resides here.} 

In addition to the site being 'simplified' I am also doing it with everything else.  I am learning how to 'streamline' my stuff– I am one to over complicate things {totally don't know why i am a sucker for too much} so this year is all about keeping it simple.  I am going back to the flickr group for show and tell {instead of hosting all the photos here}.  My goal is to have it easy for you- easy for me. That way we can both spend our time sewing. 

I have gone through and made a list of what i'd like to accomplish this year.  Now, without boring you with the nitty-gritty details I will share with you what's going to really excite you!

round robin sew along

Round Robin— this is a yearly happening around here.  This year we will be going on a Winter Wonderland adventure.  We will be sewing up the Round Robin row by row {each row designed by someone new!}  I am excited to get this one started! Already loaded with lots of totally awesome designers + there will be extra drawings, a flickr photo album to show off your spectac rows and more!

ufo quilt block

52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up— after coming up with the Doll Quilt Tutorial for using up those UFO quilt blocks..and having a drawer in my Sewing Cottage that is overflowing with UFO quilt blocks, I have decided to give something new a try for 2013.  Every Friday {thus the 52 # for 52 weeks of the year} there will be a little Tutorial, helpful hint, inspiration board …..etc. for using those UFO's.   This year is the time to pick through your unfinished, bag your old 'plans',  mixing them up with something new and actually have something done.  Plus, you will find that you need that extra found space with all those UFO's used for new fabric. 


HMQS— This is a yearly thing around here, and I have never done anything to celebrate it!  Yes, you can find HMQS on the sidebar……but this year it will become something special!  During the month of May there will be posts all about Home Machine Quilting.  So, prepare yourself for some how to's, a walk through the hallway of the vendor mall, interviews with quilting pro's, and of course Quilting inspiration!  I have been a machine quilter for around 6 years and love my screaming banchee….before I had her though, I used my standard sewing machine for quilting.  In fact, I was more caught up on my quilts when using my standard machine, than now with the big one!  Anyways.  This will be a great way to expand your quilting horizons and learn a little bit about it. 

Fall Challenge— While I won't tell you the topic of the challenge, I will tell you that there will be one.  The last one was the 'wool' challenge and it was a lot of fun.  This year the fall challenge will be just as good and filled with some spec-tac posts, giveaways, and a show and tell spot.

New patterns— including new dolls and plushies.  They are my favorite and want them to show up more around here.  I haven't featured them enough in the past year and have bigger plans for them this coming year.   I will still continue to throw in a quilt or two— so don't feel like you will be lost in doll world around here.  

Freebies— I have a few new collaborations happening in 2013 that I am totally excited for!  I will continue to design for other sites like Moda Bake Shop , The Sewing Loft with Heather, playing with fabric designed by Carol Vanzandt and a few other fun stuff coming your way.  There will never be a lul around here when it comes to tutorials and free patterns.  I will forever be a share-er.  :)

So, with all that laid out— are you excited!? I totally am!  I am ready to grow bigger this year.  To take myself a little more serious as a quilter, designer and blogger….. bringing you along with me!  I have teamed up with some super helpers who are listening to me, helping me keep focused and on track and all the behind the scenes good stuff.  I feel fortunate to have found them, and am excited that they are there to help this along.  

Thank you for sewing along with me in 2012– and I sure hope you enjoy the next years journey along with me!  

Do you have any comments, questions, ideas or whatever for me about next year?  Let me know what it is— 


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