What are the odds?

Is there a place where you can find statistical information — how long do popular fabrics stay in circulation? How easy/hard are they to find?

Do you have a story like this? It starts with buying fabric 2 years ago–thinking, i love this…i will make something out of it.

After a year I found this pattern– Geese in the Forest Quilt by Twiddletails— and go ahead with the plan of using it. The center gets finished and then waits for the borders.

yup, I had the border fabric. Sitting, waiting. But, because of my awesome organizing skills they didn’t stick together and i ended up using the border for something else!! I know, the horror!  This last month I decided to get it out and finish it…..where is that border? only scraps left? How did that happen?

I hop in the car for a quick ride to the fabric store—this gal has had that fabric for 2 years and it has always been downstairs on sale…cross the fingers something is still there.  I had to dig, but girls……it was there!!! WEEEEE  What are the odds?

So here it is…finally finished. I love it. It’s all washed and crinkly. yum.

geese in the forest quilt it's finished and that's a lot of flying geese!  All paper pieced

geese in the forest quilt it's finished and that's a lot of flying geese!  All paper pieced

The backside—I used the wrong side of the fabric because the right side was just too much color. I did a quick meander quilting. I started to do something fancy, and let me tell you girls- there comes a point in time when you think- I don’t want to do fancy on 150 triangles {don’t really know the #, just know i sewed forever} so meander it got with some variegated thread on the front.



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