Updating your Creative Space with True To Hue Behr

Updating your Creative Space with True To Hue Behr

Behr sponsored this post, all opinions and text are mine.

We haven’t been in our new home for too long…like a month and since moving in we found a few surprises in the basement walls that changed all my plans for the sewing room.

I was planning on making my space fantastic of course and having everything unpacked and put away.  But since the surprises we are on hold.  Everything down there is getting torn out and redone.  That means for me— no sewing room!!!!

Yup. I’m in a temp spot in the laundry room on the main floor.  Good thing it’s kind of big….but still not my favorite place.  Especially since we didn’t paint this room like the rest of the house!


updating your creative space

The color on the wall was some kind of orange base for a Tuscany paint design. It was hideous (as my kids say) and the whole house was covered in it!

The room was speckled with dark blobs– not sure where they came from or what they are.  After a bit of scrubbing I decided I was done and was going to rely on the promise of the paint- one coat coverage from BEHR MARQUEE®  Interior Paint & Primer.

sewing room paint orange

After staring at the wall of wonderful colors… I went with Lime Sent

I did pretty good with matching the Formica top– not that it matter too much because at some point quite a few things in this room will be changing- but that’s quite a while away, so until then….we match!

It’s a green-ish tint.  After getting it home and taping off, I was thinking to myself I should have gone bolder.  There were some wonderful choices.

To me this color cleans the space up tremendously.  Instead of this orange glow on all my fabric, it’s a neutral.  No glow.

sewing room paint 3

The south sun hits this room all afternoon as well– which is wonderful for natural light, but the color on the walls was just too much and too warm.  This new color is so beautiful.  The color is sooo pleasing to the eye.

Let me tell you how good this paint is before I show off the new space.  It’s good.  This is coming from a person who just moved the 13th time in 19 years of marriage.  We know moving.  We know paint.

We started in our first home with white.  White everywhere on the walls ( I blame the honey- he was afraid of color!).  Then we moved to an offwhite, then we had a brown tone, then we had a green tone….this home we are coming back to a silver/grey.

So truly we have used every color!  The houses we buy aren’t pretty ones.  They have problems.  We make the world a better place one home at a time.  That’s how I see it.

The walls usually have spots, problems, stains that can’t be explained…. kind of like the one above!

Never have I used a paint that has covered it…..with ONE COAT!  We have always had to go back. Prime. Paint again.  Or prime, then paint.  Or paint 3-4 coats in those areas.  With BEHR MARQUEE paint and primer, one coat coverage is guaranteed if you choose a color from the MARGQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection.

To find a paint that offers one coat coverage is amazing.  The quality of paint has gone down since we have started out home hunt, and to find something that works like the good ‘ol paint days is such a surprise!

Quick Details:    MARQUEE Interior  Color:  Lime Sent

Price per gallon $40.  Is that expensive? Yes.  Do I love it? Yes.  Would I buy it again?  You better believe it!  I think with this area I used LESS THAN HALF of the gallon.  It goes a long way….. and covers like a snuggly quilt (I couldn’t resist)

So without further adieu–

Here is my new sewing spot– my original sewing table fits just perfect in the new spot!

sewing room paint machine area

The extra tall cutting table is a great space to get the cutting and pressing done.  Extra rolling storage underneath will help me keep the few things I have here under control.

sewing room paint finished

Now- there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but for now it’s my happy place.

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  1. LaceFaerie

    22 December

    OMGosh what a transformation! I am glad you shared all the details! I have such a horrible track record with paint colors!

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