Trouble Right here in River City!

Trouble Right here in River City!

Girls— I am really sorry about the site issues. Believe me– i am working on it as quick as my smart brain can go!!

I know it all looks fine, until you login– then crash. 

I know there is a workshop going on— last step is up this week!  + a new magazine + all the other goodies i would just love to get done… believe me when i say i am upset!

I do love computer work, but not when it is under pressure and everyone is staring at a white screen with rude messages on it {fatal error} I have shed a few tears and now i am just trying to get it all worked out. Please understand. 

I will be moving right along with everything, just sending files in emails instead of logging in to download- for right now.

Thanks for your patience….X fingers i can get to the bottom of it soon. very soon.  before the stressed eye twitch comes back. lol

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