Thread Storage – 30 Days of Sewing Room Orga...

Thread Storage – 30 Days of Sewing Room Organizing

Thread storage can be a little overwhelming and tricky.  The spools are different shapes, sizes, and what do you do with the bobbins as well?!

Making the thread visible and in a space that won’t let it unravel and become unruly is really the #1 goal here.  No matter where you put the thread or store it, just having it in a place that you can see and find and it work for you is important.

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration

Thread Storage Ideas:

  • ziploc bags–  I have to admit that I have spools of thread in a ziploc baggie.  Yup.  It’s seriously not the best spot, but I can see them.  The bag can be organized by color even.  These can be tossed on a shelf or put in a drawer.  Not the best option, but it works.
  • Drawers– I have thread in drawers too.  These are not in a bag or anything and I tell you they get in a jumbled mess. This is my least liked option for thread storage.
  • Peg Boards– these are great.  You can customize them- depending on how large your thread cones are.  Organize by color or by manufacturer.

Thread Storage Inspiration:

thread storage

Make your own wall mounted shelf for thread spools and bobbins.

spools in a frame

Design your own spools in a frame

peg board for thread

Thread Rack with pegboard


Spool Box

peg box

Plastic Tray with gold tins

Do you have a trick for keeping your thread under control?  Share it!

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  1. Janet B

    4 February

    I don’t like keeping my cotton thread out on display because they collect dust and fade in sunlight (well, the odd colors do–not white or beige). I have a small drawer set in which the spools lay well and are sorted by weight.

  2. Becky

    4 February

    Janet- Great thought. I didn’t think about that, but after you mention it I do have dust on the spools! They look so pretty all together on the wall though…. 🙂

  3. Jewell

    9 June

    I like to use clear glass jars (preferably old) sort by colors and looks nice on my shelf.

  4. Cheryl

    6 January

    Love your ideas Becky!

  5. Paula

    9 March

    Here’s a trick for those pesky bobbins that unwind. Take a bobbin with you to your local hardware store, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Rona etc & go to the plastic tubing isle. Get a piece of tubing that will fit around the shank of your bobbin. When you get it home cut it into 1/4 inch circles. Next, put 1 slit in the circle. If you have silicone, put a dab on the circle across from the slit to make a small handle to pull your home made thread buddy off the bobbin.

  6. Linda S.

    12 March

    I store my thread on a standard wall hung rack. I put the coordinating bobbin on the peg first and then add spool on top to keep them together. Just unfold a fat quarter and toss across at the end of you sewing session to protect from sun and dust. Thank you for your great tips and a great blog.

  7. Karen W

    15 March

    I use several methods, depending on the type of thread. 1) For the typical wall racks (mainly for regular sewing threads), I stack multiple of a single color on top of one another & use “reinforced” drinking straws to extend the spindle. I stack several bobbins together on another spindle, easily visible. We live in a dry, dusty climate, so I place a dust cover over the rack. 2) For Serger threads (cones) & most of my embroidery threads (mini-king cones/spools), I use several Lazy-Susan turntables (inside cabinets) & group them by color, separating types/weights — then spin to the color needed, with matching bobbins inside the cone shaft. You don’t need much head-room, as you turn to the ones you want. 3) Specialty threads (heavy-weight, quilting, metallic, etc.) are in a drawer, separated in a zipper bags. Like Paula, I also cut clear tubing (.5″- 5/8″) to keep bobbin threads neat.

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