This Seam Was On Purpose and My Worst Piecing EVA!

This Seam Was On Purpose and My Worst Piecing EVA!

I debated on letting you in on this one….but the finished project will be shown on Friday, so why not?  Finished or not, it won't change the fact that it is horrible!

I am introducing to you to one of my worst pieced quilt blocks I think I have made. And I have made some doosies! I even make bad ones on purpose and call them 'cranky'.  um yeah. you are making a cranky quilt block with the quilt along

Background on the blocks– I think this started out as a good idea. I was following the pattern and it was ok until it probably said to square up the blocks. Eh.  Why do that? I pressed them, they look great. Off to piecing I went.  Nothing worked!  None of the corners matched {because I didn't square up}.  Those little corner pieces threw it totally off.  I kept putting them together and ended up with a not so nice center of a quilt.  It isn't too big– It got shoved aside {ok. find i hid it} and then I found it and made a long cushion for a bench in the mud room at our old home.  Since we have moved, I stripped it off of the cushion {still couldn't bring myself to get rid of it- what is wrong with me?!} and it sat in the UFO drawer for another year and a half.  It is being repurposed for Fridays post and I can't wait to share! even if the seams still don't match and there is a monster of a wrong seam right in the middle.  (that was on purpose for the first project, but not this next one- no way to hide it though, so on we trudge)

So here goes nothing.

worst quilt block

I know from afar it doesn't look that bad….but let me help you out. 

bad quilt piecing

I am proud to say that I that I progressed a TON since those sewing days.  And- I do have to add that the seam that was there before showed up on the bottom of a box cushion that I didn't need anymore, but didn't have the heart to toss the whole thing….so it got a new life. {coming friday}

And- is there anyone out there have an addiction to Texas Toast Crutons?  I think it is a tie between me and Ammon as to who sneaks them the most. 


So–  Do you still own your Worst Piecing?  What is it made into? {can't wait to read the comments on this one!}


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  1. Baye

    6 March

    Own it? I’m working on another one of them right now. My sewing sucks, but I still love doing it. If I tore out every square that didn’t work, I’d get little done. I go by the “what can’t be seen by a man riding by on horseback is okay” rule. My husband always thinks my creations are gorgeous and that’s all that matters to me.

  2. whosies

    6 March

    Baye that is a wonderful saying…and gotta love the honey who thinks your creations are gorgeous!

  3. I’ve always gone by the if you can’t see it from 3 feet away it doesn’t exist but I like the riding horse version better.

    When I first started quilting I did not fully understand the need to square up blocks. I followed the directions so why take the time and hassle of squaring them up? I made several pinwheel quilts that had some bad points and seams. Gave most of them away. I have a few table toppers and runners that have many off kilter blocks, tucks, and just weird seams but I love each and every one of them. I keep them out around the house and use them all the time. I love being able to see how far I have come with my sewing and quilting. I joined several swaps when I first started quilting and I shudder when I think about how bad my seams must have been. I made some wonderful (and apparently very understanding) online friends during those swaps. I now know and embrace my quilting abilities. I know intricate blocks aren’t for me. I am great at scrappy designs where blocks aren’t meant to line up perfectly.

  4. Anne N Stoddard

    12 March

    This looks like some of the quilts I used to make when I first started quilting [no one is going to know how long ago that was 😉 ] Since I started taking classes/workshops at local libraries and then Quilt Conventions my quilt seams/points got a lot better, BUT finding Donna Poster and Maryellen Hopkins, learned to do quilts without abutting seams….. so much better. This quilt of yours is going to look beautiful to anyone you give it to, as it will be a gift from your heart and they will know that.

  5. Joyce

    12 March

    hahahaha you made me laugh at myself once again…..I sure am glad that I am not the only one who quilts different! I do not have my first quilt anymore, I wore the devil out of it….and it still looked as bad as the day I first made it in 1972, my hubby tossed it away in 1978. I was so discouraged that I did not take up quilting again until 2004. lol But now am quilting away like mad..which I am. lol I love quilting for family and charity.
    Love your work and love reading your blog. Keep it up girl.

  6. lorna holley

    11 April

    Ah yes, my first quilt……..hahahahaha…..I had no idea accuracy was so important! Consequently, the long inner border staggers down the side like an over-served bar patron and I actually had to fold over a block and top-stitch it down to get it into the outer border. Thankfully, the wonderful people at the Quilt Asylum explained the “horse rule” to me–only they said a galloping horse! I am pleased that my quilts have progressed to the point that viewers are invited to trot by. Perhaps one day I can allow them to get off and get a close look-LOL

  7. whosies

    11 April

    lorna- that is so funny! i just quilted someones aunts quilt made wayyy back in the day and i had to hand stitch two tuckes in the border to make it all work out. so glad we keep going and learn and get things right!

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