This Seam Was On Purpose and My Worst Piecing EVA!

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I debated on letting you in on this one….but the finished project will be shown on Friday, so why not?  Finished or not, it won't change the fact that it is horrible!

I am introducing to you to one of my worst pieced quilt blocks I think I have made. And I have made some doosies! I even make bad ones on purpose and call them 'cranky'.  um yeah. you are making a cranky quilt block with the quilt along

Background on the blocks– I think this started out as a good idea. I was following the pattern and it was ok until it probably said to square up the blocks. Eh.  Why do that? I pressed them, they look great. Off to piecing I went.  Nothing worked!  None of the corners matched {because I didn't square up}.  Those little corner pieces threw it totally off.  I kept putting them together and ended up with a not so nice center of a quilt.  It isn't too big– It got shoved aside {ok. find i hid it} and then I found it and made a long cushion for a bench in the mud room at our old home.  Since we have moved, I stripped it off of the cushion {still couldn't bring myself to get rid of it- what is wrong with me?!} and it sat in the UFO drawer for another year and a half.  It is being repurposed for Fridays post and I can't wait to share! even if the seams still don't match and there is a monster of a wrong seam right in the middle.  (that was on purpose for the first project, but not this next one- no way to hide it though, so on we trudge)

So here goes nothing.

worst quilt block

I know from afar it doesn't look that bad….but let me help you out. 

bad quilt piecing

I am proud to say that I that I progressed a TON since those sewing days.  And- I do have to add that the seam that was there before showed up on the bottom of a box cushion that I didn't need anymore, but didn't have the heart to toss the whole thing….so it got a new life. {coming friday}

And- is there anyone out there have an addiction to Texas Toast Crutons?  I think it is a tie between me and Ammon as to who sneaks them the most. 


So–  Do you still own your Worst Piecing?  What is it made into? {can't wait to read the comments on this one!}


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