The Sewing Summit– when you don’t have...

The Sewing Summit– when you don’t have a ticket and a WINNER!!!

This past weekend was the sewing summit….  did i buy a ticket. no. wasn't on time for that one….. maybe next time. But, really does that mean that you can't attend? not for me!  It was 15 minutes from my house and really how could i pass up an opportunity to meet up with some of the girls that i met at The Creative Connection? There is no way i would let them come into town and me not take a little visit. 

I didn't go to any of the classes mind you, but i had a wonderful sewing weekend!

I met up with Carol one night for dinner….walked around for a minute to the sewing rooms, fun stuff going on there! There were new machines everywhere…lucky girls! Then we met up with some other wonderful ladies and went to an Indian restaurant -it was yummy! We chatted it up with the others.  Caught up between us.  Talked about fabric, design, patterns, opportunities and sooo much more!  The evening was really a delight.  It was good to go to a new place to eat, surrounded by new girls who were totally into sewing too and didn't mind listening to you ramble on and on about all the important stuff like- fabric, machines. 

After the yummy dinner we headed on over to the mix up that Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild put together.  It was a packed house girls!  There was barely enough room to stand for the first little bit. It was crazy fun though. There were a lot, and i mean a lot of drawings…… I made off with a wonderful pack of fabric + the goodie bag. Oh yeah.  The ceiling had a bunch of buntings hanging from the ceiling, kind of fun. 

After hanging out with Carol and the girls Friday night, i headed down south to sew all day with the other group of sewing friends.  I got a few things done {will share later- no photos yet} and then on Sunday back to the summit to pick up Heather.   Her flight wasn't until midnight, so was had some time to kill. lol She was gracious enough to trust me driving her around for the afternoon and evening.  We had dinner together, caught up on all the things that have happened since our first meeting at the TCC, totally talked business!! This i am the most excited about. No one really knows this world and the honey doesn't listen to me blab…so thank you Heather for being such a good ear and talking back with wonderful ideas, suggestions and everything else! I soooo needed that. She has some big stuff happening and I am so excited for her!  yay! You go girl.  

After dinner we headed on over to my brothers for pie night!  It was just us and them…. she endured the family, and i think had a good time. We took one picture and she has it, so when it gets posted i will snatch it up and share.  I sure wish she lived a little closer so we could attend all these conferences together. She mingles with such talent, i totally need to learn her style!

I had a wonderful weekend— did you?  What exciting things happened?

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  1. Heather

    17 October

    Oh My Goodness Girl- you make me blush! I am SO glad you were able to fit me in and I loved spending time getting to know the fam!. You all made me feel right at home and after a long weekend – it was just what I needed. It’s true, I wish we lived closer but with the power of skype- we can chat in person. Let’s calendar something and continue to create together!

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