Taking Time for Me

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How do you put yourself first? How does taking time for yourself help make you happier?

That is the question– isn't it?  I think it is pretty much all the time. 

We all love to blog, read blogs, pin things, and chat with others online– we have house 'duties', kids to coral, and the list goes on.  Where do we fit in?  

I have recently found that I totally need to spend at least 25 minutes a day- excersizing.  you read it right.  that is what i am recently finding extremely important right now.   No one can move my booty- i have to do it for myself.  but I find that the benefits for me are totally worth that time I spend.  It makes me feel more productive.  It keeps me from saying i am lazy…and more things along that line.  It helps me think– i know, how is that possible while figuring out the moves…but it does.  I get a little sorted out and kind of go over  my day and figure out what is on the to-do list for the day.

I have also found out that i need some creative time to myself.  Not necessarily everyday, but a few times each week.  I try to sneak this in before activities in the afternoon with the kids.  this for me is the biggest lifter…. i have to have an outlet for some of the brain energy or i will get cranky. lol

I totally get that taking time for ourselves can make us fill a bit selfish- but really…..we have to do it!  just as no one can move my booty, no one can give me happiness.  I must find what works for me and then- do it.  Do it without guilt.   

There are times when i don't get everything i want in the day…. i realize that.  I can make adjustments though to make it work better next time…or tomorrow.

Taking the time makes my time with the kids- their time.  I am not pulled away from those moments because I am stressed about something I want to do { i already got to do it!}.  I am able to give them full attention— knowing that i will have my own attention time with myself too, but this is their turn.

This makes them happy- which makes me happy….which makes me feel good about taking time for myself.

What about you?  Have any hints, tips, suggestions to share with me?  I love to hear new things and give them a try!

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