Sunbonnet Sue Progress

After getting all the stitching done {more like learning it and then doing it over and over again}  I have put together the blocks and a few borders:

The blocks are on point with the center one cut out in a circle…..some of them aren't perfectly centered, but that just goes with what i do. Nothing is really ever where it needs to be. 

Since there were some leftover circles– from the centers I cut them in half and put them in the border.  Raw edge applique of course. I totally love the look + the quickness.

Not sure the name yet— It does have a Sunbonnet Sue in there + some flowers and chicks…..any ideas?

The pattern will be included in next months issue of The Sewing Cottage Magazine.

It's spring break around here and this is what we get– 2 days of warm and windy + snow. 


Did you notice something is missing?  The shed that fell on my head is gone!!

We have had a good break so far– played some miniature golf, go-carts, watched jerika's soccer game {she got an assist off a corner kick!}, ate at the families favorite place– Olive Garden,  went to a Real Salt Lake Soccer Game, and saw Hunger Games.  To do still— hunt for easter eggs, hunting for a new tie for the boy + one dress to go!

*I am going to tangent for just a quick minute about the movie. I have not read the books- jerika has… no. not sure why, but never picked them up.  I asked around and a few people said they took their kids, so i though all right. WRONG decision.  This was one of those moments where i was like- i am the worst mom ever today- the three younger ones should have never gone to that movie. I would give anything to rewind the clock on that one. The movie overall-  I liked it, but the content was not for their eyes or sweet spirits.  ages- 11, 10 and 8.  They were mortified at the thought of the young kids in such a predicament and having to hurt someone their own age.  There, i have said my peace…..i feel better now.

Hope you are having a great week

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  1. Tammy

    8 April

    I think these books are way too graphic for young children! I am sorry that you took your kids to see the movie…but you are not a horrible mother! They sell these books through Scholastic and say ages 12 and up but I still feel that is way too young.

  2. posse boss

    8 April

    i was really kind of cautious about it, but after speaking with a few…i over-ruled myself. 12 might be pushing it… least 13-14. I think that we see enough violent stuff in other movies and t.v. shows, but what really got me was the age that the kids were at. some were very young in the show- the exact age as my kids and that for them was too much. even though if you ask the 11 year old what he thought he is the tough guy and says he loved it. yet he squirmed the whole time and asked a few questions…why are they there? it was too much their age. my younger girl finally sat on dads lap and closed her eyes. all the other shows deal with bigger people. not people thier own size. thanks for the support. 🙂

  3. linda mcintyre

    10 April

    we make decision with hope in our hearts you are obviously a Good Mother because you are concerned about the effect on your children..why we can’t have more happy/family movies is beyond me take care of yourself and have a friendly story time with your kids warm fire hot chocolate you start the story and they add too it..record if you can they become precious memories my grandchildren lile to hear the stories when they visit trying to figure out( i have four children) who is speaking and sometimes they pick up where mine left off.

  4. posse boss

    11 April

    i love those stories! we do a lot together, and movies are fun– but watcher beware. 🙂

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