Summer Beginnings

This week marks the first week out of school for us!  I am not sure i really care— i mean, i like the kids around and all so it isn't too big of a deal. 

I set up the pool in the back and it is full of little people at all times….. considering it is was the only cool place around since the A/C wasn't hooked up {the honey rewired it all}.  The house was reading 86 for two days. yeah. cooler outside than in!

Alas though, it has been all hooked up and running Full time I swear trying to cool down the cooker of a home. The honey of course not really noticing since he was off working and all.  Why he didn't really notice the bad attitude and the messy home when he arrived home- questions?- because it was too stink'n hot!  Well, enough of that!

I have been shoveling a bit more outside– besides leveling the area for the pool, I decided that a nice fire pit area would be great.  We had one at the other home and the boys used it all the time. {of course i knew about that- wink, wink} so slowly i will whittle or shovel my way to a fun hangout spot.

I did want to show off a quilt that was in the magazine— Halvsies.  It is a wall hanging and features some wool applique in the corners.

I seriously need to hire someone to name my quilts i think. I am just dumb-founded when they show up on the naming line. geeze. anyways-

I love the look of primitive style of applique and so i went a little for that with the flowers, leaves and baskets. And my stem stitch is still something to be desired…but it's done.


It is up on my list to be quilted next– because i love it so.  It must wait for one to be done that is already loaded + i need to dig around and find some batting. 

The quilt that is on is for a QUILT STORE!!!  talk about nervous!  This is the first time i have quilted for a shop.  Thanks to my mom who volunteers me 🙂  she is always helping me grow isn't she?! lol

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  1. rita

    15 June

    me gusta mucho el sitio… Rita

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