Stitching while in a Snow Globe

This winter has been an interesting one. Someone on Facebook had mentioned that they felt like they were living in a Snow globe— they are totally right!  So this week, I have been stitching up a few goodies coming up– soon.  

Everything around here has a frosty coating…. 

stitching heart



This winter has been an interesting one- that is for sure.  I swear, we are trapped in a Snow Globe!  We have had 10 degree weather for 2 weeks straight, raining ice so everything was covered with a 1/4 inch of solid ice- everywhere!, snow dumping from the sky…uncleared roads, shovel, shovel, shovel.  

I truly understand the bears who like to hide in a cave for the winter and just hide.  Well, maybe if I could just hang out there with needle and thread. That would be ok. 

the sewing cottage winter

I have been shoveling a path to The Sewing Cottage just to snatch up a few supplies for inside sewing.  No way to heat that space up in this kind of weather.  

Since it has snowed it finally warmed up 20 degrees and we are venturing out to the back- building a snow fort {Jerika taught us how after her 4 days of snow shoeing and camping a couple of weekends ago– love Girl Scouts! What an adventure.} and sledding on hills. 

Does your winter make you feel like you are sewing in a Snow Globe?  Tell me about it–


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  1. Michele

    30 January

    We’re tying heat records here in Florida. I think it’s going to be 87 today. Snow would be a treat for a day or so.

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