Stitching Day

Tomorrow I’m headed to my local quilt shop to sew from 6 to midnight.  It’s one night per month that I’m always looking forward to.

No distractions.

Surrounded by the hums of sewing machine.

Chatting it up with no one complaining as to how much I’m talking.

People actually interested in what I’m saying– and I’m interested in what they are saying!

I got thinking that not everyone has this luxury– but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen!

So- today, let’s get you all set up for a nice evening for stitching….and if you can join us fine, if only for a couple of stitches – fine. Any time stitching is better than no time stitching.

To make it even better…. we will be sharing during the day and evening what we are working on!  EVERYONE can play along.

stitching day come join the free fun


This is open to anyone– no matter where you are, what time it is and what you stitch.  Please join us.  You don’t need to haul your machine anywhere or move your schedule around.  You can pop in when you have a minute or you can sew all day with us…it’s up to you!

DATE the #stitchingday will happen: March 25th (anytime during that day)

Join & Follow:  

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How can you Participate?

POST A PICTURE:   here in the facebook group OR on Instagram

HASHTAG:  use a hashtag —– #STITCHINGDAY

GIVEAWAY:  to make it a little funner, let’s have a giveaway.

* You have to use the hashtag in Instagram or post in the facebook group for your entrance to win.

PRIZE:  3 packages of SQANGLES.  –they were the sponsors for the quilt guild and their product is awesome!

Not stitching but want to see what we are up to? 

Visit Instagram here — #STITCHINGDAY  (this link will show you only those images tagged)

Visit Facebook Group here — you can comment and like the projects popping up.

How can you prepare?

  • Pick your projects and make a kit.  It’s a great way to quickly knowing what you want to sew, making sure all the supplies are there and grabbing when you are ready to start stitching.
  • Looking for a project?  There are  few new ones in the membership quilt guild ….. or check out this baby quilt.  It will take you through the whole process of how to make a quilt.  It’s a great place to start!
  • Don’t have a time for a quilt?  How about a 30 minute baby blanket.
  • Have a bunch of orphan quilt blocks and just want to have them out of your way?  Here are a few projects they will work in.

Want to share with others?  Here are a few buttons you can add to your blogs or facebook-  link them to here:

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What do you think?  You in?  You going to have a stitching day along with me?  There will be more of these in the future…. so make sure you check back often to find out when!



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