Spring Chicken in Bustle and Sew emag

This week I am so excited to let you know that Spring Chicken will be featured in the Bustle and Sew Emag!!

spring chicken

Spring Chicken

A few years ago, Helen and I have wanted to collaborate on something, but it never came through– so when she had asked for contributors for her emag {which I have a whole year + of and love every single one} I jumped at the chance! I am so glad that she liked the pattern that I came up with.  

spring chicken

This Spring Chicken is so easy! It's similar in sewing technique as the bunny pattern….. but this time I dug around the sewing studio and found an embroidered table runner.  It was warn to bits, but the embroidery was still in great condition.  Lucky for me, it fit perfectly on the Spring Chicken….don't you think?

spring chicken  

Quick info about the Bustle and Sew emagazine: The Bustle & Sew magazine is a monthly e-magazine delivered direct to your email in-box on the last Thursday of each month ready to read in 2 formats … firstly on Issuu.com – which lets you read the magazine on your computer screen and also as a normal pdf file – which is quick and easy to download and print.


Her style is classic, and simple.  She, like me, gets lost in the world of plushies, wool applique, quick, fun designs and every issue is a mix of everything.  Her talent in the embroidery stitches really shines through though with her Rosie and Bear Stitchery collection.  She has a unique embroidery stitch for her bear…..love it!


Rosie & Bear Quilt Books 500w

The new issue of the Bustle and Sew {where my Spring Chicken will be found} is out today!  Don't miss out on my pattern along with her wonderful collection of other patterns!


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  1. Heather

    25 April

    I love that you reclaimed a table runner- Love me some vintage!! Congrats on the feature- it looks great.

  2. Susan

    28 April

    Cute, cute, cute!

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