Skirt A Day Sewing plus giveaway!

This past week I have been adventuring out into the world of sewing clothes!  First was the library dress for Eliza, …then I was lucky enough to get a copy of the new book, Skirt-a-day-sewing by Nicole Smith. {giveaway for one book at the bottom of the post!}  It has sure been fun to mix up my usual world of sewing with orphan quilt blocks.

After perusing the book I decided to sew the Lone Star Skirt.  What caught my eye was the rouched waist and the A line shape.  I have a few skirts with this same style- so I already knew that I would love it.

lone star skirt a skirt a day sewing book review /

I have had this fabric sitting in my sewing stash for longer than I want to admit {that means at least 2 years} but knew that it would be perfect for the pattern.  It is a little heavier in weight, so it lays nice, but is a little bit silky and stretchy! Love those combos.  It stays where it is supposed to and doesn’t creep on the waist or the hem.

skirt-a-day-sewing book cover

To start off, there is not one pattern piece in the book!  Now, gasps aside…it’s because the book shows you how to make your own perfect pattern.  That way the skirt will be custom fit to you and not some random model that you will end up adjusting anyways.  After you have come up with your perfect pattern piece the book has 28 different styles.

Each style of skirt has it’s own ‘week’.  From wrap, to zippers, pockets, layered shears, high waist, the list goes on…and don’t get me started on the types of fabric!  It ‘reads’ great, and I found it very smooth in transition from one style to the next.skirt-a-day-sewing lone star skirt

Because my fabric was a bit stretchy, I didn’t end up putting in a zipper in the back {totally lucky, I know}.   I did  gather the waist yoke area -which is a nice touch to the pattern.  Having the yoke piece is great because it snugs your waist….and the gathers hide a lot of whatever is going on there. {get what I mean?}


Don’t be fooled by the title though – it is not all about skirts.  The book is full of quick how to’s and steps to find your perfect fit, use proper sewing tools and notions.

I would say that if you were interested in starting to sew for yourself, this would be a must have book on your shelf.

Because of the clear instructions you can easily follow along and sew up the skirt you’d like in no time… you have a muslin perfect fit skirt all ready to help with the next project!

A special thanks to Storey Publishing for allowing me to review their fabulous book. To order your copy, visit: Skirt-a-Day Sewing: Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day (affiliate link).

I have forgotten too how hard it is to take decent pictures of yourself!  Please forgive the not so grand pics {next time I will have to pay one of the kiddos to help out}

How about a quick giveaway!!!

Winner is–

Submitted on 2013/09/24 at 6:23 pm

My first item was when I was about 12…it was a dress…red with daisies on it…I remember it was a very difficult pattern, that my Mom tried to talk me out of using…(zippers are still hard for me to this day)…

Thanks to Storey Publishing, I have a copy of Skirt-a-Day Sewing to give away!

Leave a comment below to enter- and tell me,  what is the first piece of clothing that you have sewn for yourself?

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I’ll draw one winner by random on Monday, September 30. Good luck! (Note: you must have a U.S. shipping address to be eligible to win.)

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  1. dawn

    24 September

    The first clothing I made was a skirt with pleats. I used plaid and did not match it. I looked like I was tipping over when I wore it but oh I was so proud.

  2. Tamie

    24 September

    I think I was in the fifth grade and made a pair of narrow wale cordoroy pants (bight gold with elephants….what was I thinking?!!) with an elastic waist. OH MY that was along time ago and many fashion faux pas away. I am excited about this book, it looks wonderful and very helpful.

  3. Katarina

    24 September

    The first piece of clothing I made for myself actually was a skirt when I was 12. A big store chain(Like Walmart but in Sweden) had 5metres bolts of cotton fabric and I fell in love with the prints and colors and the price was low. So I dragged my 5 meter bolt to school to use in home ed. but soon found myself in tears because the other girls in my class called it “curtain fabric” and made fun of me, the fabric and the fact that my family didn’t have that much money.
    But I remember that my home ed. teacher told them off and wiped my tears and complimented me on my fabric choice.
    So I went along measuring,marking, cutting, sewing and made a really nice skirt and got a good grade on it too, even though the grades were given by another teacher.

    Never underestimate “curtain fabrics”, inspiration and some sewing magic!

  4. Margaret R

    24 September

    I have made two dresses and two skirts. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and decided that I wanted to sew for me. They mostly turned out great. One dress was a little bit snigger than I wanted but I will adjust the pattern for next time.

  5. Mariette Shepard

    24 September

    What an awesome idea for a book! So many possibilities!

  6. Mariette Shepard

    24 September

    When I was a girl scout, I earned a sewing badge by making a v-neck jumper. Ugly aqua color, but I learned a lot.

  7. Linda aa Gater

    24 September

    The first clothing I made for myself was a blouse in HomeEc, so many years ago! Thanks for your wonderful posts!

  8. Sandra

    24 September

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this neat book! The first article of clothing I can remember making for myself is a pair of shorts. It was about 8-9 years ago. I still wear those shorts every now and then, and when I do, I’m smiling as I slide them up and zip them! I so need to make myself more clothes – it’s so satisfying!

  9. vicki seals

    24 September

    I made a pair of jams in Junior High Home Ec. The bobbin and I did not like each other, so it took all semester to get them done. I wore them till they fell apart. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  10. Kim Piter

    24 September

    I made PJ bottoms that are still my favorite ones to wear. I would love trying to sew a skirt, the one you made is perfect.

  11. barbara

    24 September

    I made a skirt…and have loved it!!! This book looks like a great one to have!!! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  12. Lori

    24 September

    Hi Becky, the 1st item of clothing I sewed was in Jr. High. Our home ec. class had to make a jumper. My dad took me shopping for material, and I picked out one that was cute. What I did not understand from my teacher was that I had to cute one side face up, and the other face down. So my jumper came out topsy/turvy. But I learned how to make a tote bag with my teachers help. And I have been making bags ever since…. I would love to win this book, as I adore wearing skirts, even though I live in Montana……

  13. jane d

    24 September

    The first garment I ever made for myself, was a light blue fully lined skirt & jacket in home-ec in high school!

  14. Terry Donati

    24 September

    I made a blouse in Home Ec, and then went on to make most of my own clothes through high school, college, and a good part of my Home Ec teaching career!! I still do occasionally make clothing if I want something special.

  15. Melissa

    24 September

    The first item of clothing I made for myself was a pair of pajama pants. I’m a fan of winging it, and rarely use patterns as intended, this book sounds right up my alley! I LOVE that fabric and the skirt looks fantastic!

  16. Kathleen

    24 September

    Oh that’s an easy one: It was a brown A-line skirt with a zipper and a buttonhole closure, made in 8th grade home ec class. I made a lot of clothes for myself after that, and for my younger sister. We had some nice matching holiday outfits way back then!

  17. Kelly Aubert

    24 September

    When I was pregnant my aunt taught me to make stretchy maternity pants. I am very tall and couldn’t find any so it made sense to learn how to make them for myself! 🙂

  18. Jeanne

    24 September

    To be honest I can’t remember the first thing I made but I distinctly remember making a pair of brightly colored huge flowered gaucho pants. This was back in the 70’s. You could see me from a mile away. I loved them!

  19. pat yamada

    24 September

    I raised my kids. Made a few quilts for the grandkids. So now it is time for me to start sewing for myself! Skirts sound like a good place to start. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Crystelle

    24 September

    That skirt you seed is fabulous. That book sounds simply amazing. The first thing I sewed for myself was Barby clothes when I was just little. Does that count?
    After that, I don’t remember. I sewed so much as a teen…. Skirts, shorts, shirts… all kids on things….
    Thanks a ton for this giveaway…. 🙂
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  21. Miriam

    24 September

    The first thing I remember making for myself was a collared button up blouse. I still have troubles making those pointed collar tips, lol. But I did make my own Senior Ball fancy dress later with satin and lace.

  22. Karen

    24 September

    My first piece ever was a costume! But for everyday it was a maxi skirt.

  23. Sue

    24 September

    the first garment for myself other than an apron was a top I really loved the look of but
    the clothing teacher in 7th grade made me take it apart and re sew it so many times the
    nice cotton fabric was totally worn out before I ever got to try it on, fortunately my Mother
    was a seamstress and saved my ego from that woman and I tried again on another pattern
    a year or so after that and have been sewing ever since. This book would be very helpful as
    I now have several granddaughters from age 12 thru college age and they are always wanting
    another outfit or skirt or something.

  24. Jeanne

    24 September

    The first thing i made was a skirt in home ec class . Turned out ok . Have made lots of things since , even a bikini once.

  25. Slucy

    24 September

    Funny thing I haven’t actually made anything for my self yet lol but I do want to make myself a skirt so this would be perfect 🙂

  26. Debra J Webb

    24 September

    The first thing I ever made was a no pattern easy cut & sew quick DIY gathered drawstring neckline halter top made from an imported East Indian batik print with Indian scrolling block printed designs cotton bedspread in the colors of reds, blues, oranges, beiges, purples, burgundies, browns and black! my mother and I selected and purchased this fabric bedspread at Cost Plus Imports store in San Francisco where we also would buy candles, incense and brass burners, cloth napkins, fabric and woven bags and purses, imported fabrics and clothing, jewelry and accessories ! The year was around 1967-68, also known as the Summer of Love <3 ! She and I made @ least 2 tops, 1 for her and 1 for me. Our creations looked great for summer worn with cut offs, shorts, skirts, capris and jeans!

  27. Sharon Hubbard

    24 September

    I made a green wrap a round skirt in 7 th grade. I wore it every week, loved that skirt. I do not sew for my self., but for others.

  28. Patricia M.

    24 September

    I started sewing when I was 9 years old, and the first thing my grandma taught me was to make a skirt!! That was 48 years ago!

  29. Ardith Martijn

    24 September

    So ready to start wearing skirts again….
    first thing I sew was by hand I made myself a dress. I did not own a sewing mashine

  30. Theresa Stanley

    24 September

    My first piece of clothing I sewed was a pink pantsuit. It had bell sleeves and flared legs…1972.

  31. michelle

    24 September

    Oh that was a long time ago lol but it was a cotton sleeveless night gown.

  32. Thunder

    24 September

    First thing I made for myself was a skirt.

  33. Martha

    24 September

    When I was in college long ago, I made myself skirts often – to look a little more professional.
    I still love skirts. The LAST think I made for myself was a circle skirt out of some gray suiting.

  34. Ellen M.

    24 September

    This first clothing item I sewed for myself was a corduroy dress way back in high school. It didn’t end up fitting, but my sewing techniques weren’t too bad! Looks like a great book!

  35. Sandy B

    24 September

    My first item was also in school — It was 1971 and I made a hideous plaid jumper. Thank goodness I stuck with it and became better.

  36. Carolyn S

    24 September

    My first item was when I was about 12…it was a dress…red with daisies on it…I remember it was a very difficult pattern, that my Mom tried to talk me out of using…(zippers are still hard for me to this day)…

  37. Sharon B

    24 September

    The first thing I made was a pair of pants with an elastic waist. It was in my home economics class way back in 7th grade. Would love to win the book! It looks like it has a lot of great ideas!

  38. Martha Starcher

    24 September

    It seems I have always known how to sew. All my sisters knew how to sew and they would let me “help” with their projects. We had sewing in Home Economics in high school and we were not strangers to sewing techniques. The book about skirts looks interesting.

  39. Dawn Frisch

    24 September

    This looks like a great book to have on hand! The first thing that I remember making was skirt!! It was a simple A-line type of skirt out of cotton with a regular waistband too – no elastic! That was a long time ago – more years than I care to remember. LOL Happy sewing!!!

  40. Kim

    24 September

    This comment will really date me but the first piece of clothing that I made were elephant ear pants or plazzo pants and that was 40+ years ago.

  41. Elizabeth Johnson

    24 September

    I haven’t made any clothing yet! I think it would be great to learn how with this book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  42. Marlene

    24 September

    the 1st thing I sewed after I got a sewing machine & was the 1st piece of clothing I sewed for myself was a long jumper of polyester fabric. I wore it for my hubby’s college graduation, my sister’s college graduation & my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. thanks to another lady’s help!! so now I try to “help” other new sewers whenever I get the opportunity. 🙂 this book would help!

  43. sandy

    25 September

    the first item I made for myself was a skirt. A pencil skirt, lined. It was a plaid fabric and not easy to match up, but I did it. my friends loved it and I had to make more.
    I love sewing and doing different things. Its great to be back to a hobbie I love xx

  44. Taous Makour

    26 September

    The first thing I made it is a simple dress without pattern it’s a big pillow case dress turned into a maxi dress .it was a happy moment

  45. Ina

    29 September

    First piece of clothing I made for myself and entirely by myself was a pair of white capri pants, when I was a student, some 25 years ago. And I sew it by hand 🙂

  46. Lydia

    29 September

    The first thing I remember sewing was a circle skirt…so you know it was a LONG time ago!! Now I’m trying to teach granddaughters to sew! Love it!!

  47. HTibbitts

    29 September

    I believe the first item of clothing I sewed for myself was a wrap-a-round skirt… It was a long time ago, but it was a summer of sewing and learning for me! (Oh for the days a pattern fit me and looked good! These days it is mostly just sewing for my girls… and occasionally my son.

    It would be nice to have this book to improve my skills and make a custom fit skirt that looks nice for me and my girls!

  48. Beth

    30 September

    The first thing I ever sewed for myself was actually with my grandma’s help – my prom dress my senior year. It was beautiful, and I’m still darn proud of having worn something that I helped make that also looked so pretty. My sewing skills have fallen into disuse, and I’m working to beef them back up again.

  49. Jill Chiles

    30 September

    I think I need this book! My first piece of clothing was in sewing class. A skirt and top, and I have not made anything since!

  50. vicki

    2 October

    my first was a lined vest but no one explained how to sew it properly so there was nowhere to turn the vest with the lining attached all the way around including the arm hole I did a lot of un-sewing on that article but it eventually was wearable

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