Sewing Retreat Catch Up

Last weekend I headed out to my moms with a few other great friends and had an overnighter sewing retreat.  

round robin winter1

I love these! They are short and sweet.  I can get a few things done- quickly. The first thing I worked on was the Round Robin. I was behind 2 rows….naughty me! I did add a few extra snowmen to the center of the last row. I felt like the one was too lonely and you know the what your eye likes rule, so I had to do an odd number. 🙂

round robin quilt along

I also got all caught up {really I am ahead of the rest of the group} and put together the center of the quilt- Midnight Blooms by Kim Diehl 

midnight blooms kim die

I am not a big fan of the 176 hour glass border…so right now I am holding on putting the outside border on.  Don't mind the black thread hanging everywhere…haven't snipped anything yet.  I didn't do my typica raw edge applique, I actually sewed a zig zag around everything! I know. What was I thinking? But I do like how it has turned out so far. 

midnight blooms quilt

In April I am going to be in charge of a sewing group's meeting and they are doing these cute little wall hangings.  So, I had to make mine ahead of time so they could see the example. Still needs some quilting {it was warming up, and now it's cold again!}  The watermelon fabric will be given to everyone to use in it– the rest of the fabric we come up with. I really like how it turned out.  Super easy too. Love that. 


Take a look at the red swirly fabric in the sashings…… I used the wrong side of the fabric. The right side had a gold vein and I wasn't too fond of it, so I turned it over.  

Do you ever use the wrong side of the fabric?


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  1. Vanessa

    21 March

    Wow! You got heaps done on your little retreat! Love your works in progress…..I’m particularly fond of your snowmen…..and yes I have used the wrong side of a fabric on rare occasions…..whatever works best, I say!

  2. whosies

    21 March

    I did get done pretty good! It feels soooo good to be on top of it all again!

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