Sewing Projects for Your Dog

Sewing projects for our pets is one of my favorite things.  We have a cat, dog, two birds, two fish, two chickens and one duck.  So far, the dog and cat are the only pets that get a little sewn project.

My favorite part about it—- they don’t complain!  They enjoy their new little beds, leashes, bows and toys just fine.  They aren’t fussy and are super easy to please (not like a human who has lots of opinions!)

sewing projects for dogs

Easy Sewing Projects for Dogs

Sew a leash using scrap ribbon and fabric | dog leash tutorial #pets dog pillow tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #patchwork
finished-collar IMG_4761
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 c8fe6cc2f490cee54ab08a9b04ddf948  c149fb8ba1110d588d497b92738ed7a2
 KimonoHarness14  Wedding-Dog-Bow-Tie-DIY

easy sewing projects for dogs

Do you have a favorite project for your pet? What is it?

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  1. Jeanie

    30 October

    How did you teach your dog to make all these cute things?

  2. Jane White

    17 January

    OMG! That is a picture of my “Gremmie”. Has she been moonlighting again?

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