Sewing for a bit on Saturday

This weekend I had a sewing day with some of the girls with a quilting group i go to. I totally needed it! 

I was able to stitch up all the blocks for the Foxie Adventures Block of the Month { buy it by itself and sew along– block 1-3 are already posted!}

I love these blocks! I can't wait till the whole wall quilt is finished and all quilted. 

The blocks do take a little bit of time to sew up {around 1 hour per block}– there is tracing, cutting and then raw edge stitching.  But I love how it turned out. 

Each block is 1 month of the year— I will introduce them later on when the quilt is all done and fancied up. 

Plus, they still need their little borders put on….. I was just happy the insides got done!

I will be making a tutorial soon of the "how to" of raw applique to go along with it–

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  1. yenni

    22 March

    i really really like it…^^ i can’t wait to see this quilt completed…

  2. posse boss

    25 March

    i can’t wait either– i have one block to redo, since it doesn’t fit into a month. waaa it’s totally cute too. maybe put it into something else.

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