Quilting While Angry

ok. so. that's what i did.  I quilted when i was angry.  I was just in a bad mood. no reason. just a bad mood.  i hung around the house for a bit an thought this is a waste of time…so i will go quilt. I totally should have know better than to do that!


I didn't realize anything was wrong until i unpinned the whole quilt. and there it was.  a pucker..

good thing this quilt was mine and not someone else's.  not sure if i could say– just wash it and the shrinking will make it disappear!

so- the first wheelies quilt is quilted.  still need to deal with the binding.

i did a kind of modern meandor.  pointy intersections….triangular in shape.

not sure if i love the quiltig— but what do you do for a boys quilt and modern looking without sewing 5,000 straight lines?

any quilting ideas?

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  1. That’s so funny! I’ve also quilted when angry, and had the piece turn out wrong. For me, it was piecing, though. A little easier to fix. Your quilt is awesome. I kinda like the triangle quilting. I’m going to have to try that!

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