Quilting Resources & Inspiration Group

Quilting Resources & Inspiration Group

quilting resources learning to quilt

Learning to quilt together….. It’s funner that way.

yup.  I agree with that statement- don’t you?

I mean having someone other than the honey to recognize your awesome talent.  The uh huh- yeah, I love it response was just getting old for me.

This is where the thinking came along to start a facebook group to help me and you with getting the right response.  Whether it’s a question you have or a picture of a project you just spent the last week plus eternity on and you really, really would like to share it.

You want to share it with someone who has the same passion.  You want to share it with someone who has a yay!! or congrats!! or wow! or you are so talented!

That’s why it’s funner that way.  

So– if this is what you are looking for (maybe because during the Holidays you weren’t totally in love with all the reactions to your beautiful work and talent)  This is the group for you!!!

Quilting Resources & Inspiration Group

Stop holding your breath waiting for the right response.  Start sharing with others who will love and adore everything you make plus answer any small, silly or difficult question.

We can handle it.  Promise.  We have been practicing for a few weeks now and it’s your turn to join us.

quilting resource group

See you soon!

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