Quilting with a Modern Slant – Quilt Book Re...

Quilting with a Modern Slant – Quilt Book Review

Do you ever get giddy about a new book out there? There are a few on my radar right now, and let me tell you that this book needs to be on yours.

I am a big fan of free style quilting.  The idea of constantly following instructions and making sure all your points are perfect and everything is lined up so and so… is not for me.  I love freedom.  The idea that I can put a few things together and play around with placement, color and texture draws me into quilting.  Coming from the designer point of view, it is kind of hard to try new things and share them.  No everyone is a follower of that idea and it can be difficult to find your voice…and then share it.

Quilting with a Modern Slant Quilt Book Review |

This book- Quilting with a Modern Slant is a collaboration book.  There are over 200 pages FULL of different designers…..running from Amy Butler, Kaffee Faucet, Bee’s Bends Quilts, Denyse Schmidt, Elizabeth Hartman and more….and I mean a lot more!

There are sections for improv, color, style, design… you name it.  In addition there are many mini interviews, examples to help you understand the style.

There are projects included- letting you work your own sewing magic on your machine.

I couldn’t help but pick one that gave no formal cutting size for the pieces….used solid fabric {I have become a fan recently of the solid fabric world} and it is kind of on the Cranky side of quilting– which is right up my alley.

This is the Fraction Quilt Block

Quilting with a Modern Slant Quilt Book Review |

This is called fraction, because there is a numerator, denominator and a fraction line.  See it now?  yeah! I started off with 5″ squares and then after sewing the sides to them I cut them at an angle.  Then put the fraction line in the middle and addes some sides and top/bottom to give it space.

If I was all gung-ho I would end up with a quilt top like the one in the book.


However, I ran out of time and thought putting my quilt block to work in pillow form would do for now.


After sewing up the block, I added some additional sides to make it the size I was looking for and then echo quilted it.  When echo quilting, layer the top with a piece of batting so the quilting shows better.  Using yellow thread for the first two quilting lines and a grey for the third line and the stitching in the squares themselves.


The book is being published by Storey Publishing,  you can check out a preview of the pages…and even order it here:  Quilt Book- Quilting with a Modern Slant.

If you are all interested in dipping your toe into the modern quilting world, this book would be a great one to start with. With so many designers and ideas, and inspiration– it is seriously one of the best.  Add in the projects to let you explore with…it only gets better!

They are also one of the companies participating in the Round Robin that just got started. 

There is a giveaway going on right now, and you can win your choice of book- {up to $20} when you enter.  

So, hop on over and enter the drawing!

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  1. Tiffany

    30 January

    I love to find unique pattern ideas to try. Thanks

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