Quilting for Esther

Esther is this sweet grandma who comes to Quilt group and she drops off quilts with her honey….this is what i quilted for her

The panel is a quilting/sewing one.  totally funny.  Can you read some of them?  I am sure you can relate…. oh yeah.

She loves panels and i think i am finally getting to 'know' them.  They elude me really.  What do i do around the pictures in the blocks?  What about the border?  UGH!!!

So- this quilt i meandered in the pictures….such a fall back. I need to work on that one!  The borders i did something new!

I quilted across the top half and then returned on the second half. In the cornerstone blocks i did the same kind of design + a swirl in the center center.

here is a look at the back:

I used this bright green thread everwhere except the picture blocks, I used white thread there.  I loved the green thread!

Do you have any suggestions for quilting the picture blocks on a panel?  What has been quilted on yours? I'd love some ideas!

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