Quilting an Eskimo

eskimo quilt1

 That's right. I have this hear Eskimo quilt- not sewn by me- …. it is a present and I got to quilt it.  Now, how do you really quilt and Eskimo? I have no idea!

I came up with meander in the outside air area– swirls in the thick fluffy coat part, lines in his jacket and some pointy things in the borders with circles….

machine quilting

The story is— this was made a few years back { i am thinking that the fabric will help you} and never finished.  The daughter {who brought it to me} found it, finished it and will be presenting it for a Christmas present.  Isn't that the funniest?!  

Let me tell you that this quilt wasn't small either.  I am guessing it is around 65" or so, square.  

I am sure the mom will be surprised, don't you? What a fun gift idea!

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