Quilt Top Roundup Looosseeerr

Quilt Top Roundup Looosseeerr

ok .girls. I fess up.  I have been stealing the batting from these quilts that i counted and wanted to get quilted this year– so i can get other ones done!  

I know. that is totally naughty.  I mean.  They have been waiting for SOOOOO long to get all quilted and prettied up.  What do i do?  Snatch up their batting and finish another one right in front of them.

They must be mortified! and of course wait until it really is their turn….

So….does anyone have anything to share that they have finished up this month?  I don't want to stop you from getting your quilts done.

It's not like i don't get things done..{take a look at past posts for the month}..they are just not getting done in their proper order. 

I need some inspiration so i can stop snatching the batting and actually get them done. Done. Done. Yes.

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