Quilt Top Round up February 2012

Quilt Top Round up February 2012

I totally am aware that we are in the month of March already and not Feb.— but with the blockout of blog and site i missed it! So, i am backing up a bit and ready to share.

I have 2 done this month. I was totally planning on having more than that, but i was distracted.

Sprockets Quilt~

This had been in a pile for awhile— I have taken it to a few sew-ins and never quite finished it.  This month. Done.  Quilted.  Bound even!  I even wrote the pattern up too.  

Monkey Bars Quilt~

This one also lived next to the Sprockets Quilt.  In a bag.  Waiting. waiting. this one waited longer. lol  This one was finished at the last sew-in and now is quilted, and bound! And the pattern written too. 

I am on a roll!

That's it. I guess the roll was pretty short. lol


So, now it's your turn!

Go through your posts for the month and find those projects you have finished and post the links in the comments— {no fancy linkie thing here-just good ol fashion comments}

Everyone will hop on over and give you some ….well done. love it's. and yeeehaaaa's

If you don't have a blog, no worries— just let us know what you have done. We believe you   and we will still whoop whoop for you!

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  1. Great job on a couple more finishes Becky! I finished a small wall hanging but I guess I didn’t post about it lol. Hopefully I will have a couple finishes this month.

  2. posse boss

    14 March

    thanks robin for the support! i am hoping march will be better!

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