Quilt Festival- My Favorite

The Quilt Festival has been going for a few days— after looking at  a lot of them {there are some great ones!} i decided to play along.

Why not– i have enough to choose from. Really the hard part is to go with your all time favorite….so 

I have decided to go with the Cranky Quilt.

yes, the cranky quilt.  This is the first large quilt the i designed.  It was also the first 'class' that i tought.  It was a row of the month and it was a lot of fun!  

I am going with it because it was the funnest to put together.  This was all about now worrying about points, making things match up or working right.  If one of the pinwheels is spinning the wrong way. who cares…it's cranky.  If the handles on the basket aren't even touching the basket– who cares. It's cranky.  

It was the most free-ing piecing method i have ever done.  Anything goes….and sometimes you just need something like that to happen.

Because it was done as a row of the month, i thought I'd share a few others that were done…..because they are my favorite too.



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Now, run along and check out all the other quilt festival Favorites with Amy's Creative Side…..there are some wonderful ones!

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  1. CitricSugar

    22 May

    That’s really cute! Love the layout.

  2. Q&B

    23 May

    I love the name of the quilt and the pattern. As you have shown, this pattern works with many types of fabrics and color schemes. This pattern is very flexible too, you can make any amount of rows and columns to make it fit into the specific size of quilt you want. Congrats on a beautiful job well done.

  3. Lily

    23 May

    I like the orange version!

  4. Sandy

    23 May

    Love this cranky quilt and the carefree attitude you took in creating it. I like the odd ball block every now and then. It’s a really fun quilt.

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