Quilt Blocks on Pinterest -Link Up Yours

Quilt Blocks on Pinterest -Link Up Yours

I have been on pinterest for quite awhile now, and while I am not the most consistant pinner, I do love to browse.  It is seriously the best place I can think of to store ideas, inspiration, and all those little sewing projects that I will do…some day.

It is a candy store for the eyes, so to say. {and a major time suck- totally in a positive way though}

Because this year has been all about quilting, and quilt blocks, I have decided to start a board with just quilt block patterns in it.  I need some help though filling it up.  I can only search and find so many with my time.  I know that collectively that we can have one extra wonderful location for all of them to be shared in.


You can see what I have come up with so far here: Quilt Block Tutorials  Pinterest Board

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one spot for all the quilt block tutorials that we have out there in the internet world?  I get all excited just thinking about it!  I can’t wait to see what you find and of course the instructions so I can sew it up myself.

If you wouldn’t mind and are a pinner yourself I would love to have your company and help pinning!

How do you become a power pinner?  Super easy….. Fill out the contact form, letting me know you want in, and I’ll send you a quick little invite!

And, just because we are on the subject of pinning– I have another board just for quilting blogs.  So, if you are one of them and want me to pin you– you can leave the link in the comment and I’ll run right over and get you pinned.

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p.s.> would you mind pinning the post so we can spread the word together? Thanks!

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  1. Sheryl Miller

    6 September

    Thank you. Love your blog!

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