Quilt Blocks Challenge

A few months back there was a quilt blocks challenge.  That’s right….a challenge.  And of course you know me and how I just can’t keep myself out of these challenges I joined.  Each of us were to bring a quilt block that was lost and needed finishing in a brown mysterious bag to swap with another brown mysterious bag. {for some reason while I am typing this I have no recall as to what quilt block I brought to exchange! What a true surprise it will be!}

The bags were swapped and we rushed home to rip it open and check out what we were to work with.  Imagine my excitement when I hit this super cute quilt block!

quilt block applique

An applique, super cute quilt block.  Pressures on to make something cute with it!

The challenge part was to take your quilt blocks and fabric {if they supplied it or add your own} and sew up something for them.  The project had to be completely finished– no, here is your cute quilt top and by the way you need to quilt it thing.  There was a restriction in size….nothing larger than I think around 30″. This was to help us not go overboard with grand ideas and then not complete them.

I dreamed many nights on what to sew– and came up with a Sewing Machine Cover….and I love it!

sewing machine coverCheck out with the others came up with -with their quilt blocks:

quilt_block1 quilt_block_challenge quilt_blocks_1

And– this is what I had sent and received back! I am in love-

embroidery quilt block

embroidery quilt block

Don’t you just love them all!? Such great ideas on what to do with UFO Quilt Blocks!


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  1. Kathleen

    20 June

    Looks like everyone really put their heart into it. What a great idea too!

  2. Susan

    20 June

    Some really creative projects! Each of them is so wonderful, and how great to get back something we weren’t doing anything exciting with, and have it be so great!

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