Pretty Peaches and a Carrier

Pretty Peaches and a Carrier

I am not really a big fan of peaches…don't really care for the fuzzy stuff all over the outside.  I like necterines myself…..mmmm but when you get a bushel of peaches from a neighbor, you definitly don't grumble and let them sit.  So I did some bottling and got myself 21 quarts of beautiful peaches.  Oh yeah.  That's how i like them!

In between bottling I have been working on Issue 12 of the sewing cottage {coming out this week} and sewing a little bit more with black and whites….

I didn't mean for it to turn into an electronic pouch….but that is where it is going.  No sense in fighting it, right?!  

Sometimes things just don't turn out how they were to work in your mind….ever have that happen?  It turned out allright…but not what i had planned.  I suppose that i need to buy myself a kindle fire so i can use it….see where i'm going?  Maybe it did know what it was doing too– smart fabric….

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