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Quilt as you Go with Video Tutorial

The quilt as you go technique is seriously one of my all time favorite techniques! It makes sewing simple projects really go together quickly. The idea is..
Round Ups

Super Cute Baby Quilts to Make

Baby Quilts to Make I love making baby quilts.  They are of course on the smaller side of things. Here are my top reasons why baby quilts..

Guest Designer – Debbie of Wendt Quilting

This month we have the pleasure of getting to know Debbie. She is someone that I run into every once in awhile and am amazed at how..

Baked Potato Microwave Bag with Video Tutorial

Baked Potato Microwave Bag~ Seriously this thing is my all time favorite.  Lately I’ve even been cooking sweet potatoes in it. It works just the same if..

20+ Sewing Memes

Sewing Memes – yes there is such a thing! They are so fun to have…make them your background for your computer. Print them and hang them on..

Hang a Quilt with Corner Hangers

Hang a quilt with corner hangers Hanging quilts can be a tricky thing!  They sometimes don’t lay quite flat enough and are lumpy and bubbly around the..

How to Design your own Quilt Journal

The Quilt Journal is kind of an important thing. Even saying that….and knowing it, I am not the best at it! I really do have the best..

Corner Quilt Labels – Video Tutorial

Corner Labels for Quilts – yes, you can make them!  They are really kind of fun and can come in handy when you need one quick. The..
Quilt Blocks

3 Dimensional Quilt Blocks

3 Dimensional Quilt Blocks are one of the funnest blocks to sew. Be warned– they eat up more fabric when you sew them….but they add so much..

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