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The Best Printable Planner Pages for Quilters

Do you use a printable planner?  I’m talking about a planner that you put together by yourself.  This is seriously such a great idea and there are..

Layer Cake Quilt – Chevron Style Tutorial

  The Chevron Quilt is really a super simple one. The idea is that you match up one light or medium fabric with a dark fabric.  ..
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In My Neighborhood Row Along

This year I have teamed up with Cheryl (she has been a past guest designer for the iaquilters online quilt group, and we have teamed up in..

Guest Designer – Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts

It was a serious delight to chat quilting with Alyce — pronounced Aleese 🙂 We have never met and while last year and a few this year..

Button hole stitch around applique video tutorial

The button hole stitch is a great stitch for finishing off your applique.  Whether the applique has a raw edge or a finished edge– it doesn’t really..

Medallion Quilts

What are Medallion Quilts? Often a motif was appliqued in the center. The early appliqued centers and borders were usually done in the broderie perse style that..

Using the #dailysew Quilt Planner Page

After getting a few questions on how this is really working…I thought today I would clear up a few things with a quick video. This challenge is..
Quilt Blocks

Square on Point Quilt Tutorial

This past Christmas I had decided to use the flannel layer cakes that I had picked up last year at Spring Quilt Market. They were super yummy..
Quilt Blocks

I Spy Quilt Block Video Tutorial

The I spy quilt block (also referred to as the eye spy quilt block) is really a quick and simple quilt block.  It’s one that I’ve used a..

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