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How to Design your own Quilt Journal

The Quilt Journal is kind of an important thing. Even saying that….and knowing it, I am not the best at it! I really do have the best..

Corner Quilt Labels – Video Tutorial

Corner Labels for Quilts – yes, you can make them!  They are really kind of fun and can come in handy when you need one quick. The..
Quilt Blocks

3 Dimensional Quilt Blocks

3 Dimensional Quilt Blocks are one of the funnest blocks to sew. Be warned– they eat up more fabric when you sew them….but they add so much..

Organize Your Sewing Room

A year or so ago I took it upon myself to do 30 days of Organize your sewing room challenge. Every day there was a new topic..

Guest Designer Kate of Seams Like a Dream + Podcast & Trunk Show

A couple of years ago I ran into Kate at Quilt Market….and since then we continue to run into each other at quilt market 🙂 She is..

Single Slice Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

This layer cake quilt tutorial is going to be a breeze to sew. There are no bias edges, and you are only cutting the block once… it..

Portable Ironing Table Tutorial

How about a little tutorial today--- I am thinking that most of us have our 'own' spaces for sewing, but even when we do we travel with..

Quilting Groups on Facebook My top 5

The sense of community is high on my list. I really do love reaching out, dropping a quick question or answering one that someone else has asked...

Paper Piecing Tutorial and Video

Paper piecing allows you to get close to perfect quilt blocks.  It is a process that allows you to join multiple pieces, weird shapes, small pieces and..

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