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Quilting Groups on Facebook My top 5

The sense of community is high on my list. I really do love reaching out, dropping a quick question or answering one that someone else has asked...

Paper Piecing Tutorial and Video

Paper piecing allows you to get close to perfect quilt blocks.  It is a process that allows you to join multiple pieces, weird shapes, small pieces and..

Machine Quilting Guide for Beginners

Machine Quilting – yes, you can. You don’t necessarily need a long-arm quilting machine to do this.  A standard machine will work just fine. In fact that..

How to Join Batting Video

Everyone has batting. And- I bet that along with the larger pieces of batting you have those smaller pieces and edges, ends and cut offs. Those are..

Free Bunny Sewing Pattern

  This super quick Free Bunny Sewing Pattern is great for any occasion, and seriously they are so easy to make.  3 things are needed- fabric, ribbon,..

Guest Designer Jodi of Tales of Cloth

Today I’m delighted to share another guest designer from Australia with you!  Jodi is the super cute gal behind the business and blog:  Tales of Cloth.  That..

The Best Printable Planner Pages for Quilters

Do you use a printable planner?  I’m talking about a planner that you put together by yourself.  This is seriously such a great idea and there are..

Layer Cake Quilt – Chevron Style Tutorial

  The Chevron Quilt is really a super simple one. The idea is that you match up one light or medium fabric with a dark fabric.  ..
quilt along
Quilt Blocks

In My Neighborhood Row Along

This year I have teamed up with Cheryl (she has been a past guest designer for the iaquilters online quilt group, and we have teamed up in..

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