Plushie Patterns are in one spot!

Plushie Patterns are in one spot!

I just thought I'd mention that I have been putting together a new site– Plushie Patterns.  

Yes, i know i am crazy. but i figured that i love them….and i love to 'collect' plushie patterns, so why not?!

I currently have a few posts already going + a big warehouse behind the seems {lol} coming up in the future.  

right now i am focusing on Doll patterns and Plushie Patterns only….the sewn kind.  I don't have the time to add crochet {which has a massive market!}

There are embroidered plushies, handsewn plushies and spooky plushies.  And don't forget the dolls.

They each have their own post and of course a link to the Plushie Pattern.

Enjoy! and if you find a wonderful tutorial that should belong to the list– please let me know! {that way i don't have to track them all down by myself.} 

oh and before i forget– i am also including tutorials that go along with the plushie patterns.  So, if you ever need some help figuring something out – or tips on hair, eyes, nose or whatever….. you will find it here too.  this list is also growing.  

I am also still working on the site– so please don't just it by its cover. lol things i am sure will change- but not the content!  Take a look and let me know what you think– and what you'd like to add too!

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