Playing with Little Bits and Sewing Notions

Playing with Little Bits and Sewing Notions

I was the lucky recipient of a box full of notions the other day– 

sewing notions box

The box was loaded with some notion goodies– how about some seam tape, elastic, BUTTONS!!, embroidery transfers, and some books.

sewing notions

I got a few of them out and played with them for a little bit–


They were mixed in with a few fabric pieces and a new doll pattern

Sometimes the drawings and ideas are a good idea– but then when sewing it together….hmmmm. Just not sure.  The drawing has smaller limbs- the arms and legs…which look good there, but not sure if they will look weird when on a bigger doll….or not.  I am pleased though with the body.  And, just for fun- buns in her hair and a little cap sleeve.

I am all for finishing though.  Don't want her to just sit there half sewn.  

Do you finish your started projects? Or, if they aren't working out how you planned- do you scrap them?


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