Patriotic Quilt for Angie

This past week— I finished a quilt for someone! Angie…'s patriotic.  I love the stitching along the sides in the border.

I do have to say that the blocks gave me a bit of a scare. Now, there is one block that you really see– the one with the 4 patch in the center.  The other parts are like sashing. Well– i quilted the first row and then realized– my quilting pattern wouldn't work block to block! It had confused my brain {not that it's hard to do that} and i totally thought i was in trouble.

I figured it out after sweating a bunch and a little bit of pacing…. I kind of did a filler for the 'sashing' part and then went on with the normal quilting for the block. It all turned out ok….but it was a little nerve wrecking.

quick look at the borders quilting-

Great quilt don't you think?!

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