Patchwork Planner Club

join the patchwork planner & journal club. each month a new printable comes out to help you keep organized. more time sewing, less time hunting.

Before you hear all about the planner club-– let me give you a quick background so you know what I’m talking about.

Earlier this year I launched the Patchwork Planner & Journal.

The response from you and others was an excited…just like I had!

There were a few things that I was looking for when I needed a quilt journal and planner.

It needed to be in a form that I could re-use.

It needed to be printable and not bound- that way I could control what my journal looked like and the pages that I needed and used.

All the planners out there were great and there were a few that really I had as favorites, but they just didn’t seem to work for me.

So- the Patchwork Planner & Journal was built and released.

Now, what was to happen next? 

Well- I looked into publishing them…but again, it really went against what I was needed and wanted myself.

There were even a few mini collections added to it as well.

This was all good, but I kept thinking that there has got to be a better way of growing the pages + keeping it in the pdf format.

How about some kind of CLUB.  This would be where all the files are kept.  It’s open to your hours and need.  New files can be added to the original collection.  It’s printed by you- the member or buyer, you are in control of your own planner & journal.

Nothing too fancy, but everything handy and you can access it for one full year (plus get all the new printables added monthly as well)

Here’s a quick look at what the planner club includes: 

Plus, there is a quick mini course with 6  videos on working with your planner and learning how to save, edit and print!  This is always there for a quick reminder as well if you need one.

The best part about this for you— you can request ideas, pages, or layouts!  Every month new pages will be added….and you get a say in what can become a new printable!  It is so exciting to see the requests and ideas everyone has so far!  Can’t wait to get started on these, and I thank you for your input.

In addition, new SIZES and new COLORS will be coming soon as well!!   The black and white version is easy on the printer, but I get that sometimes we need a little print and color on our papers, so new editions with color options will be coming in the next month.

AND- if it couldn’t get any better.  There are times when the full page is just too much… a half size or quarter size is just perfect for hauling around to the store or on a retreat.  Or even better having it fit in a smaller binder or FILOFAX system.

So of course a few new sizes for some of the pages will be coming up as well.

All of this is happening in the Planner CLUB area.

First– become a member

Second– save & print

Third– organize & sew

Pretty simple right?

You ready to start the new year off in a grand way?  Print off those pages, get yourself organized, put those kits together.  Using the planner and the planner club will give you more time sewing and less time hunting for supplies and parts to the project.

If you have any questions- drop it in the comments.

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