Brown Paper packaging Tutorial

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I am not a total- go green girl, but I do love to find totally different ways to wrap a little gift.  This is one of my favorite ways to use brown paper– or any kind of craft paper.  This would even work with Scrapbooking paper!

use brown paper to wrap or mail a litlte present. patchwork posse

This does include a little bit of sewing, and remeber that it does dull you needle- so after you are done, replace your needle with a new sharp one. {keep this one though as you can still use it on other projects that dull needles too}

Go to your nearest hardware store…..Lowes, Home Depot…maybe even Ace…and get yourself some of this. You find it in the Paint area, next to the plastic tarp stuff. Comes in a big roll for around 7 bucks.

Open it up, and cut it to length. I even used my rotary and big ruler. That is sooo nice. I know, it dulls them….but easy!! It is a little curly and warpy….just deal with it.
I cut mine into 10 inch strips. Like so:
Then i cut them into 10 inch squares. This is the size i need. You would measure the item you are needing to send and add a few inches to each side for your ‘seam allowance’
Fold in half:
Sew around 2 sides: Use a bit longer stitch length so you don’t perferate the paper. You wouldn’t want anyone taking a peak. I only sewed once since they aren’t traveling anywhere. I would recommend sewing twice, you never know.
Stuff item inside:
No pic sorry- i had one, but it showed what i was stuffing and this is for a little quilt thingie coming up and didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. So trust me…stuff it and then sew the last side shut: Make sure that nothing is near the sewing edge. You don’t want anything sewn to the bag.
And there you have it:
A bunch of little ‘paper bags’ packages
Don’t look at me like that…she seriously sends this in the mail. I am thinking that if it is a flat item like her bibs and such, easy peasy. If it is something larger like my dolls or stuff…i might want to double up on the paper. Protect it just a bit more from getting in those eating, i mean sorting machines. Oh, and don’t leave any strings…they love to eat those!
Alternate Applications:
* Birthday goodies/ baggies for kids to take home
* Presents
* Mailing Pictures/papers/magazines/ maybe even a skinny book
* anything you can think of
I am not really a paper person…I am a Cotton person 😉 anyways. You could seriosly dress this package up!! Use some stamps, maybe even do some fancy stitching on it, the edges, in different colors even. I used boring white, lazy, didn’t want to change it…. Oh, let you kids draw on them! Then you can use it for wrapping anything up cute like.
What kind of paper would you use for this fun project?
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