Meet Ula from Lulu & Celeste

We are happy to announce and introduce Ula.  She will be sharing a few sewing tutorials this year, starting in June!  We are excited to share her projects and sewing

100+ Sewing Links

Sometimes I hit moments where I have a few minutes to spare, but no direction to go.  Here is a great resource to bookmark for later– it will be

Are you a Pinner?

I love myself a good place to save things. If you haven’t tried or are new to Pinterest you need to dig in and give it a little more

HMQS 2015

This year I dropped into HMQS for one day. I love walking around, looking at a few new products, watching demonstrations and of course picking up a few things

Pillows to Sew for Summer

Awe man, I do love myself a pillow.  They are the easiest and quickest way to change up a room.  You don’t have to spend a ton of time

Nautical Pillow Pattern

This pillow might look a little complicated, but you’ll find it’s not!  The pleated edges surrounding the center stitching is folded….easy to do! Trace the drawing onto your fabric

Memorial Day Savings!

Hope all your weekend travels or not have been safe! If you get a chance to shop, here are the best deals out there today. Happy shopping and sewing!