Mini Quilt Patterns

I love mini quilts. They are perfect if you are looking for a little bit more challenge or for just exploring in techniques in a different size. Some of

Sparklers Mini Quilt Tutorial

The warmer weather if finally showing up.  To help us get to summer a little bit quicker how about a mini quilt tutorial all about summer sparklers?! You know

How to Sew a Heating Pad

The weather has no idea what  it’s doing around here.  Chilly, warm. Chilly, warm. Repeat. This heating pad has been a life saver!  I love being warm….not chilly.  I

Crochet Cowl Pattern

The weather around here has been so crazy. Warmer than usual but the evenings and mornings are pretty chilly. I have this thing for scarfs and cowls. This crochet cowl

25 Table Runner Patterns

The table runner is a great place to learn a few quilt and sewing techniques.  The size of the runner isn’t large, so you aren’t committed to a monster