Start Here Quilt Block

This block was originaly shared with moose quilts in a jelly roll sampler. I took a look at it again and thought of a new name….start here.  If you

Courthouse Steps Quilt Block

The courthouse steps is one of the quilt blocks on the traditional list.  It’s a great one too. Super simple….very similar to the log cabin quilt block, this one

All About Applique

There are a few things you can do when you sew that can give character, life and customization to the project. Applique is one of them.  The possibilities with

Mini Hexagon Pouch Tutorial

This pouch is perfect for little girls to stuff with their lipgloss, candy, play house with, or whatever!  You can use a few squares from your favorite charm pack

Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial

After putting together the pineapple quilt block, I was a little frustrated with this pile of fabric and leftover triangular pieces. I have a hard time throwing fabric in

15+ Summer Projects for Kids

During the summer the kiddos can start going a little bonkers.  They get a little restles and bored.  To help you fight off the summer yuckies, here are a

Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorial

The pineapple quilt block is very similar to the log cabin quilt block.  The only difference being that the corners are cut off. It is kind of a traditional